It's bittersweet that the domain ( is about to expire in 10 days, right now I'm thinking that I'm not going to renew it. I think I'm probably done blogging at this location, but even if I don't renew the domain, I'll still leave the blog up at it's blogspot address.. so all is not lost, heck.. maybe I'll change my mind and still be blogging here, but the current domain will not be linked to the blog. Make sure to bookmark FRUGALCUPCAKE.BLOGSPOT.COM so you'll still be able to find the blog!

I do still enjoy blogging, I have a couple ideas of starting a private family blog, and perhaps even a cooking/baking blog. Please visit this blog as often as you deem necessary! <3

Oh, Hello There

We've been back from North Bay for like 4 days now? I just haven't had any desire to blog, and really.. I still don't. Maybe it's time for another one of those blogging breaks we all love so much? I definitely need time to refocus on if I still want to blog, what I would really like to blog about.. if I still am blogging I definitely need a new layout, if not a new blog altogether. Definitely time to refresh and re-energize.

What's new in my life? Since I quit my job 2 months ago, I finally received a check for my 401k savings amount minus a hefty chunk of taxes (about 2k) and promptly spent over $800 of it on buying my hubby a laptop of his very own (which he loves, and I love because now we aren't fighting over using mine!), and after weeks and weeks of searching for a suitable new bicycle in my desired cheapy price range, I finally settled on one and bought it last night at Sport Chek (totally a Canadian store)! Yay! Now hubby and I can both go on lengthy bike rides with one of us hauling our son behind our bike in his jogging stroller, but I'm pretty sure my legs are going to hate me for buying a bike! Hopefully my new bike will get plenty of use before winter!

Well, after buying a new bike & helmet, and my hubby's new laptop, I'm feeling pretty broke. Next on our list of things to buy is a 42" or bigger flatscreen tv, but that's going to have to wait until next year =) I still need a whole new winter wardrobe ( Seriously, I don't have any winter clothing here!) and I'd really like to buy a decent blender to make myself Green Monster Smoothies for breakfast every morning.

Okay, that's all I have to blog about for now, time for a little blogging break. I'll update eventually on what's going on with the blog, and with my life. Bye for now!

A Little Family Vacation

We'll be going up to Northern Ontario for most of the next week to visit my hubby's grandparents, I've never been up there before so it should be pretty fun =)

Here's some pictures of Ontario I found through Google Image search:

 It would be absolutely wonderful if the area where my hubby's grandparents lives looks anything like this! I'm planning on bringing along a couple of cameras and taking pictures =) Maybe I'll share a few photos here!

10 Reasons It's Hard for a Tall Girl to Shop

I really try not to get down about things that I have no control over, like how tall I am for example. I'm 5 foot, 9 and 3/4 inches tall, basically 5' 10". I previously wore a size 10 shoe, but since being pregnant with my son I now wear a size 11 shoe, here's hoping that if I lose a ton of weight that my feet will shrink! Ha...

here's some reasons why it's super difficult for me to shop.
  1. 95% of cute shoes aren't even made in a size 11.
  2. The store doesn't have cute shoes in size 11 in stock, you'll have to order it.
  3. A dress that looks long enough on the photo model, is going to be WAY too short for you.
  4. Pajama pants seem long enough in store, but once washed they shrink and are way too short.
  5. I can't find cute, girlie pajama pants that are long enough ANYWHERE.
  6. Most lounge pants or sweat pants will shrink too much once washed.
  7. I've bought shirts plenty of times that fit perfectly in store, but shrank too much when washed.
  8. If you wanna try your shoes on before buying them, Payless is just about the only option.
  9. While Payless shoes are usually cute and priced right, they are cheaply-made quality and won't last you very long at all. Meaning lucky you gets to do the dreaded shoe shopping more often.
  10. Over 5'9" is considered TALL sizes, do you have any idea how difficult it is to find ladies clothing in tall sizes? Even if you liked one of the 10 tall sizes a store offers online or in the catalog, they don't have it in stock and you're going to have to order it. Hopefully it doesn't shrink!

Learning Is Cool.

Just thought I'd stop in, once again, to say Hello! I'm Still Around! Life is busy with a three year old and it's difficult to find a little quiet time to do some blogging! The little guy is watching The Cat In The Hat cartoon on tv, one of his all-time favorite cartoons, so I get a little time to be on the computer. Phew.

Hubby has been helping me to learn how to play songs on the keyboard, he owns lots and lots of piano music books and has a super nice keyboard to learn on =) Again, it's super slow learning with our son running around (he doesn't like listening to the keyboard, and he'll come over and start hitting the keys! aah) we need to purchase some headphones for the keyboard so that I can practice playing without distracting everyone with the noise. We just bought a giant music book of Disney songs last night =) I think I'll learn a little quicker with songs that I actually know! I loves me some Disney music, don't you?

We went to see the brand spankin' new Glee 3D concert movie last night too, surprisingly it was in a smaller theater and not nearly sold out.. >_< maybe 30 other people were in there with us. The movie is pretty much what you'd expect to see from a Glee concert, but with a few personal stories thrown in from Glee fans. I'm really fine with just seeing it the one time in theaters, hubby wants to go see it again though! haha He loves his big screen musicals! 
*both images found on google*

Layout Changes?

You may notice that there are now ads in my sidebar and below my posts, I have enabled google adsense in an effort to make a little extra spending money. Please let me know if this bothers you in any way!! Thanks for your understanding =)

Random Thoughts

I'd like to replace this blog with a new and improved one, but I don't have the time to do it right now :(

Hubby and I have been craving Whoppers from Burger King all day, we are planning on having them for lunch tomorrow! Bonus? We have buy one whopper, get one free coupons!

I really, really, really want to bake some flourless peanut butter cookies! We need to venture over to the in-laws place to steal our cookie sheets back (and maybe a muffin tin to make cupcakes?) and go shopping for a few supplies first: eggs, cupcake papers? and frosting?, and perhaps more sugar and peanut butter.

I need to go to a store to buy more face wash pronto, having acne really sucks. Need to look into natural solutions to take care of acne, or maybe even buy some of those anti-acne pills? Do those work? Obviously, I should be fighting the acne from the inside of my body too.

It's really hot and humid outside lately, we go on walks all the time and get home covered from head to toes in sweat... walking often is really good for me, but usually we stop for ice cream on the way, haha.

I really need to tone my body from the stomach on down, I did some jogging for a little while today and jiggled everywhere, not cool body. I haven't weighed myself in forever, hubby says there is a scale around this house somewhere.. I haven't seen it.

I wish the US dollar was worth more than the Canadian dollar right now.. it really sucks exchanging $100 US for about $93 dollars in Canadian money. 

Apparently my mother-in-law has a sewing machine and a serger at her home that she doesn't use, must get those over here pronto! Hah, I still want to learn to sew! They are both probably over 10 years old!

It's almost midnight (here in the Eastern time zone!) and definitely bedtime! Goodbye for now!

My Hobby To-Do List: Part 2

Here's the second part of my hobby to-do list! There's a ton of things that I'd love to pursue relating to arts and crafts, seriously!

 I want to bake! Mmm cookies =) 

I want to take lots of photos with my instax mini
(just gotta get it shipped up here first! haha)

I'd love to have a sewing machine & learn to sew!

I want to cook healthy meals for my family...
healthy meals that they will enjoy eating!
(source) <-- genius tumblr, check it out

I'm sure there are more hobbies I would like to do than these.. but I can't think of any at the moment =D Maybe there's a part 3 in the future? Only time will tell!!

Right now I'm waiting for my son to have a nap, and then it's busy cleaning time for me. My agenda: Have a shower, get laundry going, and then clean as many dirty dishes as possible before he wakes back up. Bonus to living in a small house? It takes way less time to actually clean and pick up the rooms, and then they are easy to keep nice looking for a long time!

My Hobby To-Do List: Part 1

Seeing as I have recently moved into a different country and only brought along one suitcase full of clothes, the question I now have on my mind is what do I want to do with my spare time? Is buying a bunch of random art supplies a logical thing to do? Will it just be a giant waste of money or will I actually do something with those supplies? Do I want to buy a ton of different colored yarns and new crochet hooks and still pursue learning how to crochet? Another question... this is a small house, where am I going to put all this hobby stuff? Will I use it if I have to go down into the basement to do so?

I am very undecided about this! But here's a few things I know that I would still like to do:

I want to draw frequently and keep sketchbooks.

I want to paint: oil, acrylic, watercolor.. anything!

start scrapbooking, I love mini albums!

I have a canon digital rebel that begs to be used...
I'm gonna take a bazillion photos!

Really, I can do a lot of these things without needing huge space to store the supplies.. photography, drawing and maybe even creating mini-scrapbook albums.  I'd like to get our printer working (needs new ink, but might be better off to just buy new printer!) and do all my photo editing on the computer and just print photos right from home in any size I want... then use those photos in my mini-scrapbooks!

It's getting late and I really do have more hobbies I want to do than just these, so stay tuned for part 2!! What hobbies do you really enjoy?

For You..

found this on Little Chief Honeybee.. I absolutely adore it!!

A Little About Life

Since I've very recently decided to stay in Ontario to be with my husband and our son, I'm going to have to give up on my "27 before 28" goals just because my life has drastically changed and it's just not going to be very practical for me to focus on those goals at this time. I definitely like having a list of goals to accomplish, so chances are good that I'll start a new list of goals sometime around my birthday in October.

I have been here for just about a month now,and just yesterday I worked on moving things around so that I could get my clothes out of the suitcase and properly put away, and in the process got the suitcase off the floor and put it down in the basement.. Isn't that crazy? Almost a full month before I stop living out of a suitcase?

Also, all the cash I brought with me is now gone (as of yesterday) and I don't have very much left in my bank account either. I've started looking for things I can do online to earn a little income, I signed up for adsense (haven't been approved yet) and have signed up for a few other sites such as (did the evaluation and just waiting on an approval email) and but haven't done much with them yet. Do you know of any legit sites to earn a little money online??

What's the BIG News?

I have finally decided to STAY in Ontario with my husband and our son! We'll go talk to our immigration lawyer within the next week or two and find out exactly what we need to get done to make this possible (our lawyer has been on vacation and should be back anytime now!) so it's pretty exciting stuff! Finally living a somewhat normal family life.. there comes a time for everything =P

I quit my job after arriving here, so far I've heard nothing but well wishes from my co-workers (including my manager! I was shocked that she was so excited for me and not freaking out about the short notice or about having to replace such a great employee) so everything is going well. My parents are even handling it pretty okay, haha, I think they are still holding out hope that I'll be moving back soon *not likely!* but they know that I need to be with my little family =)

As for the blog?? How about a Super Long Hiatus? I don't know how often I'll be back to blog, honestly I feel like it's about time that I started a new blog or three, but that's something to think about in the future! Right now I'm just spending every minute with my family and loving life.

Announcement::Things Are About To Change Again

There are huge changes that are just days away from taking place in my life, and while I can't disclose the full details just yet, I really want to tell you that it's HUGE and it's a BIG DEAL. and you'll have to check back after a while to find out what is it and what's going to be changing.

Right now, blogging is on hold until further notice.

P.S.- I cancelled my hosting package and domains with 1&1 hosting, so is no longer mine and will no longer be updated by me. Yes, I just threw away all my hard work and all those hours I spent working on the layout and stuff, but it was my decision to make... you wanna know what my reason for cancelling is? Come back after a week or two and I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out =)

Deadline Is Coming Up Fast!

I just realized that I only have another 4 and half months left before my birthday! Eeeeeeeek, I am so far from completing my list of 27 things to do before I turn 28!! Did I mention that I'm going up to Ontario again at the end of this month? For a week and half?? Time is quickly running out, I've made myself a "to-do list" of things to accomplish once I return back from my trip..

Right Away:
  • Save $200 and then get my name changed (start using my married name) and get my passport updated.  
  • Start a food diary, write down everything I eat for 30 days.
  • Start 30 Day Shred dvd and stick with it!
  • Start doing "index card a day" project, counts as art journaling =)
  • Choose and purchase a 1000 piece puzzle and then work on it until it's fully completed!
  • Write daily in my journal.
  • Print a new copy of immigration forms, get them filled out
  • Create a 2 week budget every payday and strictly stick to it! Try to save $$$.
Work on one day a week:
  • Learn calligraphy
  • Learn origami
  • Learn 2-3 new french phrases
  • Cook a new recipe, or two.
  • Crochet.
  • Learn how to use sewing machine.
If I stick with doing all of the above, that should pretty much take care of completing all my goals by my birthday! 

Also pretty high on my agenda is finding a 2nd job (part-time, around 15-20 hours a week) or finding a new "full-time" source of income. (( I work what is considered part-time right now, but what was once a steady 28-33 hours a week as been slowly decreasing down to barely 24 hours a week (or in next week's case.. a little over 16 hours for the week).. which is ridiculous considering all the years I've worked at this same company and that I am available to work any day of the week and at any time! Unacceptable! Must find new source of income! *reason #2937423972 not to work in retail* ))

Sally Hansen Crackle Polish

So I'm at Walgreens doing a little shopping, and I happen to spot a brand spankin' new display of Sally Hansen crackle polishes! OMG!! There are all different colors: purple, blue, white, silver, gray, gold, black.. I want them all. ALL OF THEM I TELL YOU!! I chose the black one to start off with, here are some pictures:

Products used: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polish in #15 Presto Pink and Sally Hansen crackle overcoat in #08 Ink Splatter, with Maybelline Express Finish base & top coat applied over top. Tip: Apply a thin layer of crackle polish to get more crackling effects (in above photos, my pinky and ring fingers have a thicker layer applied and you can really tell the difference!!)

I know I've really been trying to not buy any nail polish this year, but come on! I consider this more of an investment, because it forces me to use the colored polishes I already own as a base coat =) So my old polishes get more use and I get to use my new black crackle polish.. it's a win-win situation!!

In hindsight, the Sally Hansen crackle retails for $6.99 each, and I could have actually bought the black OPI crackle for less where I work (I have only been eyeing it down for months now, haha), but OPI doesn't have many different color options in their "shatter" polishes yet.. and I couldn't resist! Also, I'm in love with the Insta-Dri polishes too, they really do dry instantly!!

Friday Favorites

Here's yet another edition of my Friday Favorites!! Hope you all have a great weekend =)

 this necklace is so lovely

loving this swimsuit!

thinking my son needs this bowtie =)

the lion cat! rooarrrrr

love this great tattoo!

That's all I've got for now! I went on a 30 minute walk this morning, first time I've actually gone for a walk in a long time.. I need to get back into doing weekly weigh ins and watching what I eat, etc.. I've been a bad girl and I really need to get back track!!

My New Website

Just dropping by to let you know that my new website is finally open for you to see! Please visit, my website dedicated to creative souls, and take a look around!! I'm so happy that it's finally availabe for you guys to see and visit, but I still have plenty of work to do over there with posting and so much more behind the scenes work =)

In other news, we finally got our pool set-up today!!! YES!! It's actually only about 2/3rds of the way full right now, we'll finish filling it up tomorrow and then I foresee a lot of lounging around in the pool and plenty of cleaning bugs out of it (oh my, the bugs are sooo bad this year!!) but I'm really looking forward to having a pool!

I have another trip to Canada planned for later this month, gotta see my husband and our 3 year old son again! Long distance relationships suck! The trip is only a little over a week long, and since it's gonna be hot summer weather this time we are gonna do some fun stuff like go camping, go swimming in the great lakes, and take a road trip! It's gonna be great!

Happy June!

I consider myself lucky to have the day off today =) I thought I'd share a few things with you!

There's a high of around 90 degrees today and no chance of rain until this evening, do you know what this means?? I'm gonna put on my swim suit and my Banana Boat spf 15 tanning oil and grab a huge beach towel and hang out in the backyard for a little while working on my summer tan! Yeah! I've been using a gradual tanning lotion and did L'Oreal Sublime Bronze tanning towelettes a few times, but nothing tans quite like laying out in the sun for an hour or so, amazing difference!!

I recently discovered a few new favorite songs on grooveshark, here's a little playlist so you can have a listen too! Songs include: Nicki Minaj - "Super Bass" (so fun!) and Mike Posner - "Bow Chicka Wow Wow" which has definitely been a new favorite song of mine!

Make sure you take a listen =)

Also, I FINALLY got caught up on my BlogLovin' =) Took me forever after having the weekend off!! Also, BlogLovin' is totally taking up a lot of my internet time and distracting from other important things.. like finishing up that new self-hosted wordpress blog so I can finally launch it! Ahhh! Hoping to have that site going very soon!

Some Goals

Hey everyone! I thought I'd take the opportunity to blog about some of my goals, I always like to have goals written down, don't you?

A Few of Jennifer's  Goals...
  • Finally get my self-hosted wordpress blog open for business, hopefully within the next 2 weeks!
  • Once I get that self-hosted blog going on it's way, relocate this blog over to it's own self-hosted wordpress blog and give it an awesome layout!!
  • Eventually after all that is done, I have plans to start another new blog about tips to help with blogging.
  • Earn More Income: Whether that means selling things from home, getting a second job, etc.
  • Spend as much time as possible lounging around in a swimming pool this summer!
  • Get some car repairs done: I need to replace the power steering pump!
  • SAVE MONEY: My savings account barely exists anymore, I need to put as much money as I can into savings and build it back up to a decent amount ($500-$1000 would be a good start)
  • I want to join a gym! I know if I am paying money for a gym membership that I'll make myself go workout just so it's not a complete waste of money, so by doing this I get an awesome bod and am still a cheapskate, it's a win-win situation! haha
Those are just a few of the many goals I have circling around in my head at the moment, I have a lot of stuff that I need to get done and it always seems that the to-do list just keeps getting longer, doesn't it??

Feels Like Summer

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!! (those of you that are Americans especially!!) I don't know what the weather is currently like where you live, but where I am?? 90 degrees and super sunny! It feels like summer in full force today, even if summer doesn't officially start for another 3 weeks =)

I spent yesterday shopping with my best friend, and then we stayed at a hotel overnight along with her cousin. We went to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner, I spent about $55 on my dinner alone! haha that's with the tip, the souvenir hurricane glass and buying 2 alcoholic drinks. Can I just say that dannnnnnnng drinks there are expenssssssiveeeeeee! Like almost $9 a drink. Holy.. After dinner we walked back to the hotel and played a few drinking card games and drank Smirnoff's mixed with orange soda. Ever tried that?? Just taste like orange soda. haha.

Now I am back home and currently laying out on a beach towel in the backyard working on my summer tan, times are good. I'm using Banana Boat tanning oil with SPF 15. I recommend using something with SPF if you wanna be smart about tanning;  you tan just as well, I promise! And with much less damage to your skin, you'll thank me for it later.

Friday Favorites

Wow, I'm really sorry about the lack of posting this past week!! I've been using almost all my spare time working on the layout for the new self-hosted wordpress blog that I've been working on.. I was hoping to have it up and going by June 1st, but I think I'm going to have to push that back a little bit now. No worries. it will get done!!

I am planning on going on an all girls trip tomorrow with a bunch of friends, we are planning on getting hotel room(s) for the night and having a blast! So far I think there are a total of 6 girls going on the trip, so it should be a lot of fun!  =)

Here's my favorite things on Pinterest this week!!

the Northern Lights.. magical! :source:

great dress for a great price :source:

haha.. source

oh my goodness... source

Okay that's all for today! I'll try to post more often this coming week, really! Hope you guys have a great weekend!! =)

Friday Favorites!

Time again for a whole new edition of Friday Favorites! This is probably my favorite post series that I've done, so let's get this show going =)

I'm participating in Kaelah's 30 Day Mind & Body Detox, I'm currently on day 11.. so far I've.. stopped drinking caffeinated soda and switched to decaf soda and tea, and just recently I've gone an entire week without TV!! Yes!! Another goal I can cross off my 27 before 28 list!

Also, I started using Neutrogena's advanced skincare system over the last week or so and my skin is looking soooo much better!! Hoping I get to cross off "have clear skin" from my 27 before 28 list very soon too!!

Here's my pinterest favorites this week:


birthday cake fudge.. source

how to dye your own buttons.. must learn

I ate some candy last night, first time in a week, I had starburst and mike & ikes... the sugar overload didn't make me feel so great, so yeah.. gotta stick with the fruits and veggies!

What I've Been Doing...

Lack of posting lately, mostly because I've been busy working on the other website that I'm hoping to have launched June 1st. Been working quite a bit, and lack of sleep is finally catching up with me (about to lay down for a nap!), switched over to decaffeinated soda and decaf sweet tea (homemade), have been tv-free for 5 days now.. but I am seriously debating over whether or not to watch the new episode of GLEE tonight. It's only one hour.. does that really count against my goal of being tv-free for a week? what if I add another day, tv-free for 8 days..??? sounds fair enough to me!!

I have been eating a lot of baby carrots, tomatoes, clementine oranges, gala apples, salad... mostly healthy stuff. Although we ordered pizza yesterday for dinner... and i had leftover pizza for breakfast too... and dinner tonight... that isn't so great.. but man, I love me some pizza =)

... Nap time, Glee will record on the DVR. Best invention ever.

Friday Favorites

Here's a whole new batch of my favorite things! Happy Friday the 13th!!

 penny flooring

each stair is a storage drawer..

this vintage dior dress is amazing

liking how light the tattoo is.. hidden

i want this skirt!

and this trippy image

A Recap of My Day

Let me start off by saying that I have been hiding a lot of resentment over the past couple of months, why? Well my mom's car broke down and we've been sharing my car since February. I wouldn't mind it soooo much if she would at least put gas in it and not leave it on empty all the time, gas is expensive and she's driving the car more than twice as much as I am!! 

Yesterday (Monday) I got new car tires and a wheel alignment (for which I only paid over $400!) and thought that my car was good to go. As good as it could get! Well, this morning my mom went to drive my car and she said it sounded as though she had run over something (even tho she didn't) and it was shaking and making an awful noise so she came back home and called in to work today. Just yesterday I got new tires. Today's problem? The back brakes needed replacing, thankfully my dad did all the repair work so the cost is pretty minimal (around $50) but my goodness.. that car has gotten so many repairs in the past few weeks! I had to get new headlights, tie rods and a power steering pressure switch so it would pass inspection and that was not even 2 weeks ago! And those repairs were around $150.. so I'm sure you can imagine how I can be a little resentful that my mom won't even fill up the gas tank.

She is finally starting to realize that she's gonna have to get a new car or fix the old one, how long it will take before she finally does? Who knows.

This is day one of my 30 Day Mind + Body Detox and so far it hasn't gotten off to such a smashing start =/ I'm working on myself to stop being so resentful and just be thankful that the car is still running and that repairs haven't been too costly. Thankful that my dad is willing to do repair work on my car so that I don't have to take the car to a mechanic and as a result pay 2-3 times more for the same parts and repair work.

Today: I've cut back a little on my soda intake, I've drank more water than I usually do. I realized that there's hardly any healthy food in this house ( not very much of the other kind of food either!) so I'm going to stop by the grocery store in the morning and get myself some fruit and any other healthy food products that I need.

Here's hoping that tomorrow goes much better!

I'm Doing a 30 Day Detox

One of my favorite bloggers, Kaelah, posted today about doing a 30 day mind and body detox, and like most people I said SIGN ME UP! So I'm officially starting my 30 Day Detox tomorrow and will be finishing it up around June 8th, I'm sure I'll be blogging all about my experiences with the detox and I'm really looking forward to it! I plan on being able to cross a few things off my "27 Before 28" list by doing this too!!(Such as *eat more fruits & veggies, *give up soda, and possible even *have clear skin !!!) Might as well hit two birds with one stone as the saying goes, right?

I'm gonna journal about it in my sketchbook too, here's a list I made about my rules and such.

The whole idea of Kaelah's 30 Day Detox is to help rid your mind of negative thoughts and feelings, to think more positive thoughts and be happy, and to eat healthy. Everyone should do something like this! Head over to Little Chief Honeybee (Kaelah's Blog) for full details!

Cute Kid

So I work in retail right? The other day this lady was in with her grand-daughter who was probably 3 or 4. In my opinion the kid was acting horrible and not listening at all, but when grandma says where are you I can't see you, the girl would say "I'm right here baby!!" haha it was soo cute!

Friday Favorites

Oooh so very many good finds on pinterest!! Have you joined yet? oh my goodness, endless inspiration can be found on that website. But it's kind of addicting so I understand if you don't want to be sucked into the pinterest universe =)

 dish drainer turned coloring book organizer

paper roses, definitely on the to-do list

rainbow cake, always fun to make

haha drunk texting, never a good idea

this pretty lace tank

amazing photo prop!! great for weddings, etc

1000 paper cranes.. totally inspiring

strawberry margarita jello shooters.. oh my

glow paint + mason jars = amazing

Well that's all for today's edition of Friday Favorites! I hope you found something you liked and also something that inspired you!

Closetmaid Cubeicals

I bought a Closetmaid 9 cube storage/organizer thingy from my local target yesterday and got it assembled today (all by myself! wasn't hard just needed hammer and screwdriver!) I bought it in the black color, since the giant tv entertainment center in the same room I'll be using it in is black.  The 9 cube is available in 6 different colors! Closetmaid also offers many other cube organizers in all shapes and sizes and they all work together and can be stacked on top of each other. Closetmaid = Amazing! Check out to see all that they offer (p.s. my target even had other cube organizers in the store that I don't see on the website! what!)

Here's what mine looks like, I plan on using it for my craft area so it's gonna be full of craft supplies and craft books. Maybe I'll take photos of my craft area (when it's set-up) and post them on the blog! I still need to either make little storage boxes to fit inside of it or buy some of those fabric bins that are made to fit! This thing is gonna have crochet books, craft business books and project books, sketchbooks & notebooks, lots of yarn, my writing utensils (pens, markers, crayons, colored pencils), various types of glue & scissors, and many other things! I can't wait to be finished setting up my little craft area and to actually start using it!

I plan on buying more of these same type of products from closetmaid in the future, and no! this isn't a sponsored post!!