Random Things

Just thoughts in my head...
  • I enjoy finding new blogs
  • If I like your blog, I probably searched for and found the first however many posts you ever had on it and read those. Weird?
  • I enjoy finding those posts that started that blog, are they the same kinds of posts there now?
  • I work every day this week, except for Christmas. 6 Days.
  • Retail sucks, why would you ever want to work in retail?
  • If I found a new blog I liked, I probably found it by clicking on the ad from a different blog I liked.
  • That's a really good way to advertise your blog, I'll probably find it that way =)
  • The internet is so huge, and filled with so much junk, it's next to impossible to find a good blog!!
My plans for tonight? Right now I'm watching Sarah Palin's Alaska, and I plan on catching up on some sleep tonight!! Sooooooo ready for some downtime =)

Hiatus of Sorts.

Well, we've managed to go this long without many blog updates to speak of.. why not just make it official?? I don't foresee that my hours at work are going to be decreasing any time soon, at least not until the beginning of the year.. and I barely have any desire to be on the computer at all these days, let alone to come up with ideas, thoughts, links, topics to blog about too.

So this is my unofficial Official notice of a blog hiatus =) If you are visiting and in the mood to visit a few blogs that actually do update on regular basis, check out My Fave Blogs links in the sidebar. I highly recommend all of those blogs!!

In case I don't post before, I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!! <3

Oh Hello!

If you follow my Twitter feed at all, you know that today I promised I would try as hard as I could to post about SOMETHING on this blog, It's been far too long! Right now I am watching Glee (I missed the first 30 minutes because I didn't realize it was on *OOPS!* but my DVR is recording it so I'll watch the first half afterwards!) and drinking some hot chocolate with marshmallows =) Yums.

I can't believe that it's almost Thanksgiving, can you?? I'm so looking forward to eating my turkey dinner in the next couple of days, I'm not looking forward to Black Friday, extended hours and general craziness for the next month or so at work, but that's just what I get for working in retail =P I love the happy feeling that comes with Christmas, the music, the decorations, the lights on the houses I'll see on my drive home from work (a lot of people around here already have their lights up and going!!) and spending quality time with my family and friends. I wish I didn't work in retail so that I could get a week or two off at Christmas to go visit my husband, my son and all those relatives up there. I'm not sure I'll get to see them for Christmas this year, that makes me very sad, and we'll see what we can do to change that. Here's hoping for the best!!

I'm still going to be busy for a while, working extra hours, trying to do my BeautiControl business when I have some spare time. I still adore my long hours of sleep, my quality time with friends. There are about a million movies coming out for Thanksgiving weekend and I pretty much want to see ALL of them, lol. One of my closest friends really, really wants to see Tangled (she may be 25, but she's a 6 year old at heart!) and it's one that I would like to see too.

I think I'll probably skip Post It Note Tuesday again this week, sorry for any of you that enjoy reading those posts!!

My Busy Schedule

I have been so incredibly busy these last few days and as a result I haven't been able to get on the computer very much at all... hence the lack of recent blog posts. I thought perhaps if I tell you what I have been up to that you would say, "oh my goodness! she has really been busy, i think i'll forgive her lack of updates!" Deal??

My Insane Crazy Busy Weekend

Friday: Worked 9:45-3:45, then went straight to a BeautiControl function (motivational speaker) in a city an hour away that lasted until 9:30ish, and got home about 11pm.

Saturday: Worked 11-5, then went to a friends house for 30 minutes to change clothes and eat snacks before meeting up with a big group of friends and going to Dave & Buster's to celebrate a birthday. Also required an hour commute, plus an hour++ time waiting for a table and playing games in their arcade... got home around 1:30am.

Today ( Sunday): Worked 2-8*, got off at 7:40 due to lack of customers. Came home, ate dinner, and am now on the computer when I should really be sleeping because.............

Tomorrow (Monday): I have the alarm set for 5AM so I can get showered, dressed, and have breakfast because I have BeautiControl training in city located an hour away, and must meet my ride in the morning and be on our way by 7:30am at the latest! That lasts until 1pm, I'll get back home around 4pm and then I have nothing going on the rest of the day. PHEW!!!

Post It Note Tuesday

anyone else participate in Post It Note Tuesday?? Do you enjoy reading these blog posts? It's kinda fun to post these!!

Doodle Diary Sneak Peeks

I have been trying to focus on my creativity for this year, one of the things I started doing was to keep a "Doodle Diary" and here are some pictures of what's in it =)

Right now it's a lot of writing and messing around with handwritten fonts and crazy lettering. Typography. I will work on getting more drawings and doodles in there, too. I really enjoy having a diary for my doodles, you should make one for yourself some time!

I don't finish what I start.

I've come to realize that I have major issues with starting to do things and never really following through with them.. especially recently. I need to fix this about myself.

The List:
*crocheting, i started and finished one project (fingerless gloves) and haven't touched it since.
*art journaling, i prepped millions of pages, bought books from the library and started altering them, only actually finished a few pages............
*doodle diary, i did about 10 small pages..over a couple of days and .... ???
*learning french, i made some word flashcards and "studied" for a few days and gave up.
 *my bucket list, I took the time to find all these things I wanted to do and I have yet to concentrate on actually doing any of them!!

I've get excited about doing something and the excitement lasts for a few days or maybe a week and then it's over just as fast as it began, the thought of doing whatever it was doesn't cross my mind again. I've decided that I'm going to work on finishing what I start, there is a reason I was exciting about the idea of doing this things and I should be just as excited to cross them off my list of things to do!

In fact, I am already working on fixing this about myself. Today I borrowed a book from the library about learning French and I'm going to study it!! I want to learn and comprehend at least 100 French words, and that's just a starting point. It's Fall weather and it's perfect for crocheting, I have plenty of yarn to use!! I still have crochet patterns I printed out a few months ago that I can work on =) And as for art journaling and using my doodle diary, all I really need to do is schedule myself time to work on it.

Halloween Cupcakes

I just finished baking some Pillsbury Halloween Funfetti cupcakes! here's what the package looked like:

I'm not sure if they are also selling a special Halloween funfetti frosting too, if they are.. I haven't seen it! I just used regular white frosting and put in yellow and red food coloring to make an orange color. I used the Halloween sprinkles I bought last year at Michael's (it's a Wilton 4 pack) and here's what they look like!

 I love baking =) Especially the part where you eat.. and i enjoy sharing treats with family and friends!!

Sugar Overload!

Please observe my current snacks:

swedish fish and gourmet jelly beans............. while super loaded with sugar, still less fattening than eating chocolate!!

New Color: OPI Black Tie Optional

Got my artificial nails filled in and painted yesterday, went with OPI "Black Tie Optional" it's a dark purple color with glitters. From what I found about it on the web, this color is probably at least 3 years old, I know it took FOREVER to get completely dry. It got smudged up a bit because of this, not too badly but still!! In the pictures it has 2 clear coats on top of it ( i added one clear coat when i was home!) you can't really see the glitter in the pictures either... other than the bokeh effect in some spots.

I thought it was a good color to have for Halloween =) at least I remembered the brand and color name this time around!!


I logged in to my Google Reader to catch up on blog posts and had an overwhelming 430 new posts to read!! Oh My Goodness!! I am finding that a lot of the posts have duplicates for some reason (weird?? error, maybe?) but I have been working on it for probably an hour and half now and still have 217 to read! WOW.

 I guess I should log in to Google Reader and play catch up a little more often. =)

Cookie Wishes

Last year for Christmas one of my coworkers gave me a container full of various homemade cookies, included in that container were Buckeyes. Basically a peanut butter ball that is dipped in chocolate. Like a Reese's but in homemade cookie form. I want some more of those yummy Buckeyes!!

The above image is from The Shopping Mama's website, she's also got a recipe to make Buckeyes!!

Target Wishlist.

Thought I would make myself a clothing wishlist with Target items, what do you think of the idea?? Usually if I make a list of stuff I would like to buy.. I end up buying most of it! Sooo I don't know that this is my greatest thing to post at the moment =)

I work at a clothing store and get most of my purchases there for super cheap, so I don't really go to Target (or any clothing store for that matter) to shop for clothes. I get spoiled with my discounts at work so now I think that anything on a normal sale price without extra discounts is just too expensive. It's funny how that works.

mossimo cardigan sweater $25

juniors lace inset cardigan $23

juniors open front sweater $23

juniors printed lace inset tank $12

mossimo womens v-neck $13

mossimo black womens satin top $20

 merona womens vionnet top $23

easy care, easy wear top $15

easy care, easy wear v-neck $15

I suppose it is rather obvious that I am looking for new tops I can wear to work, I might just fall in love with that Easy Care, Easy Wear line... although the line only has 9 items listed on target.com >_< I wonder why that is? Why so few???

From a book...

"Oh, hell! I love you, Hetty. I love you with all my heart and soul and body. There's nothing I wouldn't do for you, nothing that you could do that would make me stop loving you."
From Stately Pursuits by Katie Fforde, a book I just finished reading. I loved that little bit so much I had to save it for later =) What girl, or guy, wouldn't absolutely love for their significant other to tell them that??  <3

Post It Note Tuesday

Oh heeeeey, you remember when I used to participate in this blog meme? Well, It's Back!! If you want to participate, click the above image and you'll to be taken to the place with all the details!!