Friday Favorites

Wow, I'm really sorry about the lack of posting this past week!! I've been using almost all my spare time working on the layout for the new self-hosted wordpress blog that I've been working on.. I was hoping to have it up and going by June 1st, but I think I'm going to have to push that back a little bit now. No worries. it will get done!!

I am planning on going on an all girls trip tomorrow with a bunch of friends, we are planning on getting hotel room(s) for the night and having a blast! So far I think there are a total of 6 girls going on the trip, so it should be a lot of fun!  =)

Here's my favorite things on Pinterest this week!!

the Northern Lights.. magical! :source:

great dress for a great price :source:

haha.. source

oh my goodness... source

Okay that's all for today! I'll try to post more often this coming week, really! Hope you guys have a great weekend!! =)

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