My New Website

Just dropping by to let you know that my new website is finally open for you to see! Please visit, my website dedicated to creative souls, and take a look around!! I'm so happy that it's finally availabe for you guys to see and visit, but I still have plenty of work to do over there with posting and so much more behind the scenes work =)

In other news, we finally got our pool set-up today!!! YES!! It's actually only about 2/3rds of the way full right now, we'll finish filling it up tomorrow and then I foresee a lot of lounging around in the pool and plenty of cleaning bugs out of it (oh my, the bugs are sooo bad this year!!) but I'm really looking forward to having a pool!

I have another trip to Canada planned for later this month, gotta see my husband and our 3 year old son again! Long distance relationships suck! The trip is only a little over a week long, and since it's gonna be hot summer weather this time we are gonna do some fun stuff like go camping, go swimming in the great lakes, and take a road trip! It's gonna be great!

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