Random Things

Just thoughts in my head...
  • I enjoy finding new blogs
  • If I like your blog, I probably searched for and found the first however many posts you ever had on it and read those. Weird?
  • I enjoy finding those posts that started that blog, are they the same kinds of posts there now?
  • I work every day this week, except for Christmas. 6 Days.
  • Retail sucks, why would you ever want to work in retail?
  • If I found a new blog I liked, I probably found it by clicking on the ad from a different blog I liked.
  • That's a really good way to advertise your blog, I'll probably find it that way =)
  • The internet is so huge, and filled with so much junk, it's next to impossible to find a good blog!!
My plans for tonight? Right now I'm watching Sarah Palin's Alaska, and I plan on catching up on some sleep tonight!! Sooooooo ready for some downtime =)

Hiatus of Sorts.

Well, we've managed to go this long without many blog updates to speak of.. why not just make it official?? I don't foresee that my hours at work are going to be decreasing any time soon, at least not until the beginning of the year.. and I barely have any desire to be on the computer at all these days, let alone to come up with ideas, thoughts, links, topics to blog about too.

So this is my unofficial Official notice of a blog hiatus =) If you are visiting and in the mood to visit a few blogs that actually do update on regular basis, check out My Fave Blogs links in the sidebar. I highly recommend all of those blogs!!

In case I don't post before, I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!! <3