Music Discovery: A Fine Frenzy

One of my best friends gave me a copy of A Fine Frenzy's "One Cell in the Sea" cd, at first I really wasn't into it.. it just isn't the type of sound I usually listen to. But! The more I listened to it the more I grew to love it, and now I get the songs stuck in my head all the time :) So, I thought I'd share some A Fine Frenzy with you via YouTube links!! (click on the song titles to go see videos)

Almost Lover | Rangers | You Picked Me | Come On, Come Out

Do yourself a favor and listen to some of the songs, you can thank me for it later!

Cute Keychains

More Etsy love! I seem to have so much love for that website this month :) I really want one of these keychains.. they are soooooo friggin' adorable! Both can be found at Something Monumental's etsy shop.

I'm Gonna Learn to Crochet!

I've decided that I would love to learn how to crochet, I've JUST purchased a crochet set on ebay that includes instructions, crochet hooks and 14 spools of yarn! I'm pretty excited about it, I'm sure it's gonna take me foooooorever to be any good at it.. but it'll be great to learn something new :)

Here's some pics from the ebay listing so you can see almost all the wonderful things I just bought:

 If you crochet.. I'd love to hear some helpful tips or see pictures of your projects! I'm really hoping I can learn to be good at it and not give up easily!

When's the last time you learned how to do something new??

When it rains... it pours!

So this is really shaping up to being a year worth forgetting for me, how about you? I had an ER visit in December of last year that turned out to be a bladder infection and today (END OF AUGUST!) I finally got the $2000 bill for it.  A bunch of total BS that it took almost 9 months for them to mail me a bill, isn't it? And I just paid a $2215 bill last month for something else (that I had to borrow $$ to pay in the first place! and I'm not happy about that either!), I'm not made of money. I have health insurance but it didn't go into effect until the first of this year... i kinda doubt it'd cover any of the costs. I have to call next week to find out about getting financial assistance and/or setting up a payment schedule to take care of this. If only money grew on trees... or I could win a few thousand dollars in the lottery... I'm not asking for much here.. really :)

Etsy Shop Love: GrrFiesty

This shop has lots of super cute things for sale, here's some pics! If you'd like to purchase any of these items, or just see more of what's for sale then head on over to GrrFiesty's etsy shop!

 pocket mirrors! so cute <3

mustachasaurus brooch

zippered pouch

snap a photo brooch

Tutorial: Cute Thumbtacks

Step-By-Step instructions for how to make yourself some adorable fabric covered thumbtacks over at How About Orange. This tutorial was posted a few years ago, but it's still useful =D I'm gonna make some of these for myself some day!

In case you didn't notice..

I just changed the blog layout :) Woot Woot. One of the things I love about Blogger is that it's sooo easy to change the layout, literally like 5 minutes and I was done. Didn't even have to look at any code, it's all visual!

I need some more stuff to put on my sidebars, but I like the change.

Plans on my day off..

all images from

take a long, luxurious bath..

use a face mask...

give myself a mani/pedi

bake some sugar cookies and have lots of fun decorating them

clean and decorate my room

more room inspiration =)

and all the above!!

A little inspiration...

just discovered the notebook doodles... beautiful blog, you gotta check it out :)

the internet is sooo big and some blogs are just so good, that if other bloggers didn't post about them... you may never have found them on your own.

Vintage Luggage!

I really love the look of these vintage pieces... magnificent. Links provided under pics. Enjoy :)

vintage samsonite overnighter

ebay  (love the color)

moxiethrift's etsy shop

Modnique's etsy

I tried to focus on unique colors and styles, just so everything wasn't brown leather :P What do you think of vintage luggage?? Most of them are pretty reasonable in cost.

Mmm... Food

Going out  tonight with a few of the girls for some Mexican dinner! Yums.

 Now to tempt your taste buds with some yummy looking nachos. =D These are Pioneer Woman's "Cowboy Nachos", i love nachos. Click the link for step-by-step instructions to make your own!

Etsy Love

Just some cool stuff I found on etsy, shop links and descriptions under each picture :)

Kawartha Beads / aqua and rose sparkling earrings

KittyGrrlz / handspun Navajo yarn

Satina and Birch / summer fun soaps

pinkshirtsncarwrecks / retro fondue set

disconsolator / intense flowers journal

yevgenia / sippin solo tea set

heartwoodnaturaltoys  / wooden play kitchen

blackbearymountain / rainbow matching & sorting game

seapinks / handmade orange & white pumpkin pincushion

anniereh / handstamped necklace

If I had money to spare, I would honestly buy ALL of these items =D

Is it Fall yet?

I'm just ready for some cooler weather!! Aren't you??

Ever heard of a Silhouette??

I... want... one. It's sorta like a Cricut, in that it cuts shapes.. but it's SO MUCH BETTER. It doesn't require image cardridges, it hooks up to your computer and you can use your own fonts you already have, or create your own shapes, or find images online, or buy images in the online store... the possibilites are pretty much endless. It can cut paper, vinyl, heat transfers (put your shapes on fabric!) and you can even use it for etching on glass!!!!!!!!!!!

and now for some images of this fantastic crafty tool and things you can do with it. All images shown I found via Google. You can also visit the Silhouette Flickr group, click here.

there are literally a million things you can do and make with this machine. just buy me one, okay?? lol