I'm Doing a 30 Day Detox

One of my favorite bloggers, Kaelah, posted today about doing a 30 day mind and body detox, and like most people I said SIGN ME UP! So I'm officially starting my 30 Day Detox tomorrow and will be finishing it up around June 8th, I'm sure I'll be blogging all about my experiences with the detox and I'm really looking forward to it! I plan on being able to cross a few things off my "27 Before 28" list by doing this too!!(Such as *eat more fruits & veggies, *give up soda, and possible even *have clear skin !!!) Might as well hit two birds with one stone as the saying goes, right?

I'm gonna journal about it in my sketchbook too, here's a list I made about my rules and such.

The whole idea of Kaelah's 30 Day Detox is to help rid your mind of negative thoughts and feelings, to think more positive thoughts and be happy, and to eat healthy. Everyone should do something like this! Head over to Little Chief Honeybee (Kaelah's Blog) for full details!

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kaelah beauregarde said...

hooray! can't wait to see your progress, little lady! <3