Day 5: Weekend Goals

Something exciting and totally unexpected happened to me yesterday, my future goal for separate blogs / domains / hosting got a huge boost and is now in motion! ( I got it all for LESS THAN HALF of what I was originally planning on spending for doing the same thing, I'll explain how in another post!) Hosting is set-up,  wordpress is set up, domains are bought... What this means for you is that my focus is now on many things, and I'll try my best to keep up with all of them. Get excited!

Day 4: Todays Playlist

Lately I've been listening to my ipod while I'm driving in the car, at home I listen to the radio a lot. Or I'll listen to songs on (still loving my vip upgrade!!!) Here's the artists that I've been listening to...

On a side note... I heard both of the original Glee songs (from Regionals) on the radio yesterday.. I love Glee, but I still find it very strange to hear their songs on the radio!!

Day 3: I Am Looking Forward To...

I have been filling my minutes with trying to plan out new blogs to create.. I have decided to separate into special interests (niche)... one blog will be about girlie stuff: makeup, hair, nails,clothes, shopping.. that's the one I have been spending the most time recently planning out! Also planned is getting my own hosting again and switching back to wordpress... and buying like 6 domains. Ahhhhhhhhhh. Focusing on just one thing at a time, I want each of these separate blogs to be successful =) I will have to wait and see how and if I'll be able to keep up with so many domains and blogs! Wish me luck! It's still in planning stages and won't actually be happening for a while!

Day 2: Things I'm Good At...

I am really loving this 30 Days of Lists project! I just might have to start another one when my 30 days are up =) Anyone else participating in this one??? Know of another good one?

Day 1: A Few Things About Me

Like I said I'm just using a simple composition notebook for this 30 Days of Lists project, it's not even brand new, it's one I've been journaling in for a few months!! If you wanna do this project, you don't have to make it more complicated than it has to be =) I love that.

Here's my title page and an index page....

And here's my list of a few things about me!!

I used all different colors of printing paper, I've had unopened packages of colored printing paper sitting around for many YEARS and I'm excited to finally get them opened and start using them! I love that if I think of something later to add to any of these lists that it can be added super easily! And I love that all 30 of these lists will be located in a single place, that makes my life easier =)

Project Alert: 30 Days of Lists

I just discovered this awesome list prompt meme called 30 Days of Lists, click on the image below for the official blog! They give you the prompt about what to make a list about on that particular day and then you make one! Super easy! They are already on day 26, haha, but I will be starting with day 1 tomorrow! So if you wanna start it too then don't feel shy! I'm planning on posting pics of each of my lists, and I am just using a composition notebook so don't feel like you need to get super fancy or anything. I hope you play along too, it really looks like a lot of fun!!


Weigh In #6

Okay everyone, I've been on vacation the last two weeks and I just got home last night.. I couldn't believe the numbers when I saw them.. Just remember, I said I would be doing A LOT of walking, and that's exactly what I did!! I went for at least 5 mile walks (at least!!) on 10 of the 14 days I was gone. That's still with 4 days off! One of those days we did the ridiculous and walked clear across the town to the mall and then all the way back.. my legs were deadddddddddd, that day alone we probably walked 10 miles. The point here is to push yourself beyond your limits, walk until your legs feel like they will never forgive you (trust me, they will. all they need is a little tiny bit of rest and they feel 100% again) I write this because I know I needed to learn it too. Before I would walk for exercise but stop early because I was walking the same loop over and over... I'd quit after 2 miles, could I have done more? YES. Push Yourself. I didn't experience leg cramping AT ALL after all those super long walks! ( i told you those legs are forgiving..)

THIS WEEK: 179.5


I am beyond flabbergasted.....5 pounds a week?????? My food intake may have decreased a little, but I definitely had my share of HUGE dinners in that two week period too. Walking is the only thing responsible for those HUGE numbers.  I am very proud of myself!!!

Friday Favorites

I love this list of running songs............

 I did a search for a highly rated, most loved fluffy pancake recipe and found this, looks like a winner!!

 A hot air balloon necklace from Verabel's etsy shop... i really love a lot of her stuff!!

bear bread, too cute to eat.

remember to smile =)

uhm... engrave this on my head??

My vacation is almost over... I'll be home soon and back to normally sporadic posting schedule! P.S. - No one ever enjoys getting back to work after having a long vacation...

(EDIT 3/26 @ 1:26am.. post and images are in working order once more! I am back home from vacation and trying to recharge! see you soon )

Sinful Colors - Mint Apple

This is Sinful Colors #947 "Mint Apple".. I think it's a lovely color and would be absolutely perfect for Spring! Or be like me and wear it any time of year that you desire =) This color is probably my favorite one of all the Sinful Color nail polishes that I own!

Friday Favorites: Style

So I'm browsing around good ol' pinterest and I see a few Kate Spade things.. I do a search for Kate Spade and oh my goodness. Look at all this good stuff!!!



I'm sure there are a million more Kate Spade items out there, check out her website, do a google search or pinterest search. I'm in love with all the color!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

In the spirit of this holiday I've put together an ETSY LOVE post with all green things! Yay! Hope you have an enjoyable day filled with lots of green!!

headband from kryan2designs

 pinwheel pencils from aubabi78

men's bracelet from NeldaAZTEX
 dog bandana from HappyDogClothes
 bath bomb from TrickyFishCo
 sugar scrub body polish from mybeadcreations
I'm still on vacation for another week (don't you just love scheduled posts? So convenient! =) Hope you guys aren't missing me too much while I'm gone!

Post It Note Tuesday


I'm on vacation in Ontario until March 26th, but don't worry.. I still have more posts scheduled to post before then =)

Layered Polish Looks

I did a little bit of fun experimentation with a couple of Sinful Colors polishes (Feeling Great & You Just Wait) Here's how it turned out.

This is "You Just Wait" as the base color, with "Feeling Great" polka dotted on top.

and then reversed! "Feeling Great" as base with "You Just Wait" on top.

And yes, I did leave it on this way.. each hand a reverse of the other.. haha.. I thought it looked pretty cool to be honest with you. Plus, why remove perfectly good non-chipped nail polish? =D

Sinful Colors - You Just Wait

Make sure to come back tomorrow for a layered polish design that features this color!!  Sinful Colors nail polish #858 "You Just Wait", looks very true to the bottle..

I really like this! Great neutral color =)

Sinful Colors - Feeling Great

Here is Sinful Colors nail polish #323 "Feeling Great", a hot pink color. I like it. =) Going to feature a layered polish design using this polish in a couple of days so be sure to check back!!

Friday Favorites

I'm going to be on VACATION from today, March 11th, until Saturday, March 26th. I have a few posts that are scheduled for that time, so you won't have too much to worry about =) I hope to come back with a ton of photos and some inspiration!

Have I mentioned how incredibly easy Pinterest makes it to do these Friday Favorite posts??? I adore it. Here's what I'm loving this week!

 this locket, i want it so bad

party time!! i want to be invited!

 crochet rings?? unbelievable

cake batter pancakes?? totally gonna make some

heart shaped pepperoni, pure genius

katy perry's OPI colors,, i REALLY want that Black Shatter

Weigh In #5

I'm feeling pretty blah and really not wanting to do this post right now, but I'm being a trooper and posting it anyway! It's that female time of the month and this weigh in reflects all that bloating and water weight. HA. This is the last Weekly Weigh In post for the next 3 weeks, I'm going on vacation to Ontario starting Friday! Woot Woot. For me, it's not so much a vacation as it is getting to see and spend time with my husband and our son who live there, so I get a vacation from the work job and get to go do the mommy and wife job for a little while. Being a long distance relationship really sucks, you know? Soon as I get back I will be focusing on doing what I need to do so that I can move to Ontario and we can be a proper family.

LAST WEEK: 188.5
THIS WEEK: 189.5

I absolutely hate that this shows I have gained weight, I've gone for walks a few times this week and I don't see that being reflected in the numbers. Stupid female time of the month. GAH!!!

Sinful Colors - Vacation Time

Hello friends!! Today I am sharing one of my bazillion nail polishes, Sinful Colors "Vacation Time" ( #264 ) I actually own around 10 Sinful Color brand nail polishes, you can buy them at Walgreens (i don't know where else they are sold!) for $1.99 each. I've even found them on sale a couple of different times on a buy one, get one free type of sale. This is a brand of polish that I truly believe in, so if I find it on sale then I stock up!! =)