10 Reasons It's Hard for a Tall Girl to Shop

I really try not to get down about things that I have no control over, like how tall I am for example. I'm 5 foot, 9 and 3/4 inches tall, basically 5' 10". I previously wore a size 10 shoe, but since being pregnant with my son I now wear a size 11 shoe, here's hoping that if I lose a ton of weight that my feet will shrink! Ha...

here's some reasons why it's super difficult for me to shop.
  1. 95% of cute shoes aren't even made in a size 11.
  2. The store doesn't have cute shoes in size 11 in stock, you'll have to order it.
  3. A dress that looks long enough on the photo model, is going to be WAY too short for you.
  4. Pajama pants seem long enough in store, but once washed they shrink and are way too short.
  5. I can't find cute, girlie pajama pants that are long enough ANYWHERE.
  6. Most lounge pants or sweat pants will shrink too much once washed.
  7. I've bought shirts plenty of times that fit perfectly in store, but shrank too much when washed.
  8. If you wanna try your shoes on before buying them, Payless is just about the only option.
  9. While Payless shoes are usually cute and priced right, they are cheaply-made quality and won't last you very long at all. Meaning lucky you gets to do the dreaded shoe shopping more often.
  10. Over 5'9" is considered TALL sizes, do you have any idea how difficult it is to find ladies clothing in tall sizes? Even if you liked one of the 10 tall sizes a store offers online or in the catalog, they don't have it in stock and you're going to have to order it. Hopefully it doesn't shrink!

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