Closetmaid Cubeicals

I bought a Closetmaid 9 cube storage/organizer thingy from my local target yesterday and got it assembled today (all by myself! wasn't hard just needed hammer and screwdriver!) I bought it in the black color, since the giant tv entertainment center in the same room I'll be using it in is black.  The 9 cube is available in 6 different colors! Closetmaid also offers many other cube organizers in all shapes and sizes and they all work together and can be stacked on top of each other. Closetmaid = Amazing! Check out to see all that they offer (p.s. my target even had other cube organizers in the store that I don't see on the website! what!)

Here's what mine looks like, I plan on using it for my craft area so it's gonna be full of craft supplies and craft books. Maybe I'll take photos of my craft area (when it's set-up) and post them on the blog! I still need to either make little storage boxes to fit inside of it or buy some of those fabric bins that are made to fit! This thing is gonna have crochet books, craft business books and project books, sketchbooks & notebooks, lots of yarn, my writing utensils (pens, markers, crayons, colored pencils), various types of glue & scissors, and many other things! I can't wait to be finished setting up my little craft area and to actually start using it!

I plan on buying more of these same type of products from closetmaid in the future, and no! this isn't a sponsored post!!

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