Learning Is Cool.

Just thought I'd stop in, once again, to say Hello! I'm Still Around! Life is busy with a three year old and it's difficult to find a little quiet time to do some blogging! The little guy is watching The Cat In The Hat cartoon on tv, one of his all-time favorite cartoons, so I get a little time to be on the computer. Phew.

Hubby has been helping me to learn how to play songs on the keyboard, he owns lots and lots of piano music books and has a super nice keyboard to learn on =) Again, it's super slow learning with our son running around (he doesn't like listening to the keyboard, and he'll come over and start hitting the keys! aah) we need to purchase some headphones for the keyboard so that I can practice playing without distracting everyone with the noise. We just bought a giant music book of Disney songs last night =) I think I'll learn a little quicker with songs that I actually know! I loves me some Disney music, don't you?

We went to see the brand spankin' new Glee 3D concert movie last night too, surprisingly it was in a smaller theater and not nearly sold out.. >_< maybe 30 other people were in there with us. The movie is pretty much what you'd expect to see from a Glee concert, but with a few personal stories thrown in from Glee fans. I'm really fine with just seeing it the one time in theaters, hubby wants to go see it again though! haha He loves his big screen musicals! 
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