Some Goals

Hey everyone! I thought I'd take the opportunity to blog about some of my goals, I always like to have goals written down, don't you?

A Few of Jennifer's  Goals...
  • Finally get my self-hosted wordpress blog open for business, hopefully within the next 2 weeks!
  • Once I get that self-hosted blog going on it's way, relocate this blog over to it's own self-hosted wordpress blog and give it an awesome layout!!
  • Eventually after all that is done, I have plans to start another new blog about tips to help with blogging.
  • Earn More Income: Whether that means selling things from home, getting a second job, etc.
  • Spend as much time as possible lounging around in a swimming pool this summer!
  • Get some car repairs done: I need to replace the power steering pump!
  • SAVE MONEY: My savings account barely exists anymore, I need to put as much money as I can into savings and build it back up to a decent amount ($500-$1000 would be a good start)
  • I want to join a gym! I know if I am paying money for a gym membership that I'll make myself go workout just so it's not a complete waste of money, so by doing this I get an awesome bod and am still a cheapskate, it's a win-win situation! haha
Those are just a few of the many goals I have circling around in my head at the moment, I have a lot of stuff that I need to get done and it always seems that the to-do list just keeps getting longer, doesn't it??

Feels Like Summer

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!! (those of you that are Americans especially!!) I don't know what the weather is currently like where you live, but where I am?? 90 degrees and super sunny! It feels like summer in full force today, even if summer doesn't officially start for another 3 weeks =)

I spent yesterday shopping with my best friend, and then we stayed at a hotel overnight along with her cousin. We went to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner, I spent about $55 on my dinner alone! haha that's with the tip, the souvenir hurricane glass and buying 2 alcoholic drinks. Can I just say that dannnnnnnng drinks there are expenssssssiveeeeeee! Like almost $9 a drink. Holy.. After dinner we walked back to the hotel and played a few drinking card games and drank Smirnoff's mixed with orange soda. Ever tried that?? Just taste like orange soda. haha.

Now I am back home and currently laying out on a beach towel in the backyard working on my summer tan, times are good. I'm using Banana Boat tanning oil with SPF 15. I recommend using something with SPF if you wanna be smart about tanning;  you tan just as well, I promise! And with much less damage to your skin, you'll thank me for it later.

Friday Favorites

Wow, I'm really sorry about the lack of posting this past week!! I've been using almost all my spare time working on the layout for the new self-hosted wordpress blog that I've been working on.. I was hoping to have it up and going by June 1st, but I think I'm going to have to push that back a little bit now. No worries. it will get done!!

I am planning on going on an all girls trip tomorrow with a bunch of friends, we are planning on getting hotel room(s) for the night and having a blast! So far I think there are a total of 6 girls going on the trip, so it should be a lot of fun!  =)

Here's my favorite things on Pinterest this week!!

the Northern Lights.. magical! :source:

great dress for a great price :source:

haha.. source

oh my goodness... source

Okay that's all for today! I'll try to post more often this coming week, really! Hope you guys have a great weekend!! =)

Friday Favorites!

Time again for a whole new edition of Friday Favorites! This is probably my favorite post series that I've done, so let's get this show going =)

I'm participating in Kaelah's 30 Day Mind & Body Detox, I'm currently on day 11.. so far I've.. stopped drinking caffeinated soda and switched to decaf soda and tea, and just recently I've gone an entire week without TV!! Yes!! Another goal I can cross off my 27 before 28 list!

Also, I started using Neutrogena's advanced skincare system over the last week or so and my skin is looking soooo much better!! Hoping I get to cross off "have clear skin" from my 27 before 28 list very soon too!!

Here's my pinterest favorites this week:


birthday cake fudge.. source

how to dye your own buttons.. must learn

I ate some candy last night, first time in a week, I had starburst and mike & ikes... the sugar overload didn't make me feel so great, so yeah.. gotta stick with the fruits and veggies!

What I've Been Doing...

Lack of posting lately, mostly because I've been busy working on the other website that I'm hoping to have launched June 1st. Been working quite a bit, and lack of sleep is finally catching up with me (about to lay down for a nap!), switched over to decaffeinated soda and decaf sweet tea (homemade), have been tv-free for 5 days now.. but I am seriously debating over whether or not to watch the new episode of GLEE tonight. It's only one hour.. does that really count against my goal of being tv-free for a week? what if I add another day, tv-free for 8 days..??? sounds fair enough to me!!

I have been eating a lot of baby carrots, tomatoes, clementine oranges, gala apples, salad... mostly healthy stuff. Although we ordered pizza yesterday for dinner... and i had leftover pizza for breakfast too... and dinner tonight... that isn't so great.. but man, I love me some pizza =)

... Nap time, Glee will record on the DVR. Best invention ever.

Friday Favorites

Here's a whole new batch of my favorite things! Happy Friday the 13th!!

 penny flooring

each stair is a storage drawer..

this vintage dior dress is amazing

liking how light the tattoo is.. hidden

i want this skirt!

and this trippy image

A Recap of My Day

Let me start off by saying that I have been hiding a lot of resentment over the past couple of months, why? Well my mom's car broke down and we've been sharing my car since February. I wouldn't mind it soooo much if she would at least put gas in it and not leave it on empty all the time, gas is expensive and she's driving the car more than twice as much as I am!! 

Yesterday (Monday) I got new car tires and a wheel alignment (for which I only paid over $400!) and thought that my car was good to go. As good as it could get! Well, this morning my mom went to drive my car and she said it sounded as though she had run over something (even tho she didn't) and it was shaking and making an awful noise so she came back home and called in to work today. Just yesterday I got new tires. Today's problem? The back brakes needed replacing, thankfully my dad did all the repair work so the cost is pretty minimal (around $50) but my goodness.. that car has gotten so many repairs in the past few weeks! I had to get new headlights, tie rods and a power steering pressure switch so it would pass inspection and that was not even 2 weeks ago! And those repairs were around $150.. so I'm sure you can imagine how I can be a little resentful that my mom won't even fill up the gas tank.

She is finally starting to realize that she's gonna have to get a new car or fix the old one, how long it will take before she finally does? Who knows.

This is day one of my 30 Day Mind + Body Detox and so far it hasn't gotten off to such a smashing start =/ I'm working on myself to stop being so resentful and just be thankful that the car is still running and that repairs haven't been too costly. Thankful that my dad is willing to do repair work on my car so that I don't have to take the car to a mechanic and as a result pay 2-3 times more for the same parts and repair work.

Today: I've cut back a little on my soda intake, I've drank more water than I usually do. I realized that there's hardly any healthy food in this house ( not very much of the other kind of food either!) so I'm going to stop by the grocery store in the morning and get myself some fruit and any other healthy food products that I need.

Here's hoping that tomorrow goes much better!

I'm Doing a 30 Day Detox

One of my favorite bloggers, Kaelah, posted today about doing a 30 day mind and body detox, and like most people I said SIGN ME UP! So I'm officially starting my 30 Day Detox tomorrow and will be finishing it up around June 8th, I'm sure I'll be blogging all about my experiences with the detox and I'm really looking forward to it! I plan on being able to cross a few things off my "27 Before 28" list by doing this too!!(Such as *eat more fruits & veggies, *give up soda, and possible even *have clear skin !!!) Might as well hit two birds with one stone as the saying goes, right?

I'm gonna journal about it in my sketchbook too, here's a list I made about my rules and such.

The whole idea of Kaelah's 30 Day Detox is to help rid your mind of negative thoughts and feelings, to think more positive thoughts and be happy, and to eat healthy. Everyone should do something like this! Head over to Little Chief Honeybee (Kaelah's Blog) for full details!

Cute Kid

So I work in retail right? The other day this lady was in with her grand-daughter who was probably 3 or 4. In my opinion the kid was acting horrible and not listening at all, but when grandma says where are you I can't see you, the girl would say "I'm right here baby!!" haha it was soo cute!

Friday Favorites

Oooh so very many good finds on pinterest!! Have you joined yet? oh my goodness, endless inspiration can be found on that website. But it's kind of addicting so I understand if you don't want to be sucked into the pinterest universe =)

 dish drainer turned coloring book organizer

paper roses, definitely on the to-do list

rainbow cake, always fun to make

haha drunk texting, never a good idea

this pretty lace tank

amazing photo prop!! great for weddings, etc

1000 paper cranes.. totally inspiring

strawberry margarita jello shooters.. oh my

glow paint + mason jars = amazing

Well that's all for today's edition of Friday Favorites! I hope you found something you liked and also something that inspired you!

Closetmaid Cubeicals

I bought a Closetmaid 9 cube storage/organizer thingy from my local target yesterday and got it assembled today (all by myself! wasn't hard just needed hammer and screwdriver!) I bought it in the black color, since the giant tv entertainment center in the same room I'll be using it in is black.  The 9 cube is available in 6 different colors! Closetmaid also offers many other cube organizers in all shapes and sizes and they all work together and can be stacked on top of each other. Closetmaid = Amazing! Check out to see all that they offer (p.s. my target even had other cube organizers in the store that I don't see on the website! what!)

Here's what mine looks like, I plan on using it for my craft area so it's gonna be full of craft supplies and craft books. Maybe I'll take photos of my craft area (when it's set-up) and post them on the blog! I still need to either make little storage boxes to fit inside of it or buy some of those fabric bins that are made to fit! This thing is gonna have crochet books, craft business books and project books, sketchbooks & notebooks, lots of yarn, my writing utensils (pens, markers, crayons, colored pencils), various types of glue & scissors, and many other things! I can't wait to be finished setting up my little craft area and to actually start using it!

I plan on buying more of these same type of products from closetmaid in the future, and no! this isn't a sponsored post!!

Today, On My Day Off...

Hola everyone! I've worked the past 9 days straight and today is finally my day off! Woo Hoo!! To celebrate, here's a whole list of things I plan on doing today =P (does a list defeat the purpose???)
  • make brownies. yum chocolate! brownies from a box ftw!
  • assemble my mom's Mother's Day present
  • assemble the 9 cube storage thing I just bought
  • find things to fill my 9 cube storage thing with!
  • laundry! it's not so bad.
  • make sweet potato fries! first time making them @ home!
  • read my new craft books!
  • work on decorating my craft space
  • take a long bath
  • use mint julep facial masque
  • make homemade donuts using biscuit dough (also a 1st!)
  • go outside and enjoy the weather!
  • schedule tomorrow's Friday Favorites post!
  • blog about something else today!
That's all I can think of for right now =) P.S. I've been eating so many bad things that it's really starting to show on the scale.. hmm.. oh well, we'll just have to let the healthiness begin again tomorrow!! ha!

Also, just F.Y.I. this is a scheduled post, I'm sleeping in!! It's my day off, hellllllloooooooooooooo =)
 (edited @ 8:45pm to cross off the things I've done!)

    I'm exhausted.

    I guess I should apologize for my absolute lack of posting anything new on this blog over the weekend, and I am sorry. I've been working the past 7 days straight and I still need to work 2 more before I finally get a day off. I'm so tired,  worn out, in need of a vacation. Just want to sleep and sleep, and then sleep some more. I'm gonna try to relax this evening, I bought myself a mint julep facial masque at Walgreens and rented Love Happens from redbox. Even bought myself a 4 pack of Seagram's Escapes in the wild berries flavor. And I got some chocolate. I'll probably catch up on my blog reading tonight from the past 2 days and by the time I'm finished with that I'll probably pass out on the bed. Yes, yes, might be just what I need. =) Here's hoping that you get some time to relax tonight too!