A Recap of My Day

Let me start off by saying that I have been hiding a lot of resentment over the past couple of months, why? Well my mom's car broke down and we've been sharing my car since February. I wouldn't mind it soooo much if she would at least put gas in it and not leave it on empty all the time, gas is expensive and she's driving the car more than twice as much as I am!! 

Yesterday (Monday) I got new car tires and a wheel alignment (for which I only paid over $400!) and thought that my car was good to go. As good as it could get! Well, this morning my mom went to drive my car and she said it sounded as though she had run over something (even tho she didn't) and it was shaking and making an awful noise so she came back home and called in to work today. Just yesterday I got new tires. Today's problem? The back brakes needed replacing, thankfully my dad did all the repair work so the cost is pretty minimal (around $50) but my goodness.. that car has gotten so many repairs in the past few weeks! I had to get new headlights, tie rods and a power steering pressure switch so it would pass inspection and that was not even 2 weeks ago! And those repairs were around $150.. so I'm sure you can imagine how I can be a little resentful that my mom won't even fill up the gas tank.

She is finally starting to realize that she's gonna have to get a new car or fix the old one, how long it will take before she finally does? Who knows.

This is day one of my 30 Day Mind + Body Detox and so far it hasn't gotten off to such a smashing start =/ I'm working on myself to stop being so resentful and just be thankful that the car is still running and that repairs haven't been too costly. Thankful that my dad is willing to do repair work on my car so that I don't have to take the car to a mechanic and as a result pay 2-3 times more for the same parts and repair work.

Today: I've cut back a little on my soda intake, I've drank more water than I usually do. I realized that there's hardly any healthy food in this house ( not very much of the other kind of food either!) so I'm going to stop by the grocery store in the morning and get myself some fruit and any other healthy food products that I need.

Here's hoping that tomorrow goes much better!

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