A Little Family Vacation

We'll be going up to Northern Ontario for most of the next week to visit my hubby's grandparents, I've never been up there before so it should be pretty fun =)

Here's some pictures of Ontario I found through Google Image search:

 It would be absolutely wonderful if the area where my hubby's grandparents lives looks anything like this! I'm planning on bringing along a couple of cameras and taking pictures =) Maybe I'll share a few photos here!

10 Reasons It's Hard for a Tall Girl to Shop

I really try not to get down about things that I have no control over, like how tall I am for example. I'm 5 foot, 9 and 3/4 inches tall, basically 5' 10". I previously wore a size 10 shoe, but since being pregnant with my son I now wear a size 11 shoe, here's hoping that if I lose a ton of weight that my feet will shrink! Ha...

here's some reasons why it's super difficult for me to shop.
  1. 95% of cute shoes aren't even made in a size 11.
  2. The store doesn't have cute shoes in size 11 in stock, you'll have to order it.
  3. A dress that looks long enough on the photo model, is going to be WAY too short for you.
  4. Pajama pants seem long enough in store, but once washed they shrink and are way too short.
  5. I can't find cute, girlie pajama pants that are long enough ANYWHERE.
  6. Most lounge pants or sweat pants will shrink too much once washed.
  7. I've bought shirts plenty of times that fit perfectly in store, but shrank too much when washed.
  8. If you wanna try your shoes on before buying them, Payless is just about the only option.
  9. While Payless shoes are usually cute and priced right, they are cheaply-made quality and won't last you very long at all. Meaning lucky you gets to do the dreaded shoe shopping more often.
  10. Over 5'9" is considered TALL sizes, do you have any idea how difficult it is to find ladies clothing in tall sizes? Even if you liked one of the 10 tall sizes a store offers online or in the catalog, they don't have it in stock and you're going to have to order it. Hopefully it doesn't shrink!

Learning Is Cool.

Just thought I'd stop in, once again, to say Hello! I'm Still Around! Life is busy with a three year old and it's difficult to find a little quiet time to do some blogging! The little guy is watching The Cat In The Hat cartoon on tv, one of his all-time favorite cartoons, so I get a little time to be on the computer. Phew.

Hubby has been helping me to learn how to play songs on the keyboard, he owns lots and lots of piano music books and has a super nice keyboard to learn on =) Again, it's super slow learning with our son running around (he doesn't like listening to the keyboard, and he'll come over and start hitting the keys! aah) we need to purchase some headphones for the keyboard so that I can practice playing without distracting everyone with the noise. We just bought a giant music book of Disney songs last night =) I think I'll learn a little quicker with songs that I actually know! I loves me some Disney music, don't you?

We went to see the brand spankin' new Glee 3D concert movie last night too, surprisingly it was in a smaller theater and not nearly sold out.. >_< maybe 30 other people were in there with us. The movie is pretty much what you'd expect to see from a Glee concert, but with a few personal stories thrown in from Glee fans. I'm really fine with just seeing it the one time in theaters, hubby wants to go see it again though! haha He loves his big screen musicals! 
*both images found on google*

Layout Changes?

You may notice that there are now ads in my sidebar and below my posts, I have enabled google adsense in an effort to make a little extra spending money. Please let me know if this bothers you in any way!! Thanks for your understanding =)

Random Thoughts

I'd like to replace this blog with a new and improved one, but I don't have the time to do it right now :(

Hubby and I have been craving Whoppers from Burger King all day, we are planning on having them for lunch tomorrow! Bonus? We have buy one whopper, get one free coupons!

I really, really, really want to bake some flourless peanut butter cookies! We need to venture over to the in-laws place to steal our cookie sheets back (and maybe a muffin tin to make cupcakes?) and go shopping for a few supplies first: eggs, cupcake papers? and frosting?, and perhaps more sugar and peanut butter.

I need to go to a store to buy more face wash pronto, having acne really sucks. Need to look into natural solutions to take care of acne, or maybe even buy some of those anti-acne pills? Do those work? Obviously, I should be fighting the acne from the inside of my body too.

It's really hot and humid outside lately, we go on walks all the time and get home covered from head to toes in sweat... walking often is really good for me, but usually we stop for ice cream on the way, haha.

I really need to tone my body from the stomach on down, I did some jogging for a little while today and jiggled everywhere, not cool body. I haven't weighed myself in forever, hubby says there is a scale around this house somewhere.. I haven't seen it.

I wish the US dollar was worth more than the Canadian dollar right now.. it really sucks exchanging $100 US for about $93 dollars in Canadian money. 

Apparently my mother-in-law has a sewing machine and a serger at her home that she doesn't use, must get those over here pronto! Hah, I still want to learn to sew! They are both probably over 10 years old!

It's almost midnight (here in the Eastern time zone!) and definitely bedtime! Goodbye for now!