Inspiration: Cupcakes!

I know that from browsing blogs that a lot of people are obsessed with anything Cupcakes :) So, for all you obsessed people out there... here's an entire blog post filled with cupcakes.

Oh, by the way... it's a shopping blog. All of this items are for sale! - "Frosted Cupcake Apron" $29.99 - Cupcake Dessert Plates (out of stock!!) - "Ugly Cupcake" t-shirt $17.99 - "Cupcake & Cartwheels Candle" $18 (set of 2) - "Cupcake & Cartwheels Dish Towel" $16 each - "Diamond Cupcake Charm Pendant" $79.99 - "Paint Your Own! Cupcake Banks" $16.99 (per dozen!) - "Organic Bib & Burb Cloth" $15.99 - "Cupcake Bandages" $4.99

Feeling Crafty... :)

I went to bed super early last night and now as a result, I'm up super early this morning! But that's not an entirely bad thing ;) I've been roaming the internet for the last 3 hours or so, and I found lots of wonderful things!

Right now, I'm searching eBay for a large (and super cheap) lot of buttons.......

I got a wonderful craft inspiration from Handmade & Homebaked (soon to be added to my Fave Blog list! I've literally been reading EVERY post over there, and I just found that blog this morning!!) and it involves buttons and magnets! The cuter the buttons are, the better!

Sinful Colors #119 Fiji

I've actually had this nail polish for about 2 months now and I have been too afraid to try it, it just looks sooooooo dark in the bottle. So, I finally braved it and put it on my toes. And, Really Liked It! So I put it on my fingernails too :)

Awesome DIY Shirt Design Tutorial

I'm totally going to take advantage of this tutorial and make a few custom designed shirts for my son!

Pretty sweet, right?? My son will be turning 2 in March, hello awesome personalized mommy-made birthday gifts! lol =D you can make this too, click HERE for the step-by-step tutorial.

Inspiration: Bird Houses

I've been getting creative urges lately that are related towards woodworking, and what can you make with wood? Bird Houses!

Sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

I love that you can use google image search to find awesome pictures of things like this =)

Oh My Goodness.

So I just randomly stumbled across a blog that I used to read ALL the time, and I was like WHOA, where have you been all this time?!?! The blog is and I just bet that you'll enjoy it too :) It's also been added to my fave blog list.. located on the sidebar!

Baking Wishlist

I love baking, here are some recipes I found on that I'd love to try :) FYI, all of these recipes are SUPER EASY to make. YUMS.

1. Oreo Truffles (recipe)

2. Cake Balls (recipe)

3.  Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars (recipe)


Discount Beauty Supplies

I just found out about, a serious discount beauty supply website! They sell OPI, China Glaze, Essie, Orly.... the high end nail polishes! but at serious discount! I mean.. China Glaze for $3, OPI for $5, I'm not sure how much they charge for shipping, but if you are a nail polish junky this is definitely worth the time to check out!!!!

Zoya #ZP322 - Willow

Yet another of my many Zoya polishes, this one is called Willow and I like the color because it's neutral, but still with a little color :) if I'm going to paint my nails, I want you to be able to tell there's polish on them! hehe

bingo and stuffs!

I went to bingo today (well.. Sunday, its technically yesterday now) with my mommy, we had a little fun but it would have been tons better if we had actually won some money!!!! I was doing really well the first hour or so, with getting "waits" (bingo terms, when you just need one more number to win) on almost every game, it was pretty nerve racking, being so close to winning! But then, we took a break and things started going downhill for me. After that first break, I did not get anywhere close to winning... my cards were pitiful. BUT! That's when things started picking up for my mom and she was getting "waits", but the odds just didn't work out in her favor either. What a bummer. Afterwards, we went grocery shopping, made & ate dinner and then I took a nap for about 3 hours! lol

P.S. - Our satellite internet is still being all screwy, perhaps it will start behaving itself.... soon??

Internet Issues

Just a warning to all: I have been suffering from internet issues this past week ( i hate satellite internet!) and I just want you to know that I will be blogging as often as I can, and if this current trend keeps up... it will not be very often.  Sorry for this, but I will do my best! <3

Layered Polish #2

I'm really enjoying experimenting with nail polish by layering one color over another. This time I put on Zoya #ZP356 Giselle.. here's what that looks like:

It's a very neutral colored polish, and then I put on a layer of my CoverGirl 3-in-1 Continuous Color (I believe this line has been discontinued!) in #046 Crushed Pearls, and here's the result:

The Crushed Pearls just added a slight hint of color, and I don't know if you can tell it from the picture but it also added a lot of shimmer! I like the outcome a lot, I've had this polish on for about 5 days now and it's still looking great!

Find Free Samples Online!

I've already signed up for various free samples online (you just provide your name & address and they will mail them to you!) so far I've gotten hair product samples, feminine product samples, and diaper samples!

You can google "free samples" or visit websites like, and ... just to name a few :) What a great way to be frugal and try out some new things at the same time!

Free Lip Repair Balm Promo (via Twitter!)

Here's the deal, if QTICA gets 3000 twitter followers by this coming Monday (4pm EST) then they will give out a promo code that is good for FREE QTICA INTENSE LIP REPAIR BALM. So do us all a HUGE favor and go head over to and follow them! Thanks in advance ;)

And some Fun Facts about Qtica:
  • products are sold on // a website I have made many Zoya purchases from :)
  • I've been wanting to try out this lip repair balm for a while! its a $12 value!!!
  • this same lip balm has been featured in LUCKY magazine!

More Super Cute Hats

These are available to purchase at Crimson Et Clover's etsy shop, and come in a variety of colors :) Also, they sell for around $13 each, which I think is pretty reasonable!

You may notice that these do not cover your entire head, they are actually referred to as bEarwarmers (get it? cute, right!!) and I totally want to own one!

Current Nail Color: Layered Look

Okay, please forgive my crappy nail polish job, lol. This is Sinful Colors in "Under 18"

and then w/ a layer of Zoya's "ROXY" over it, pic taken after I did a little cleaning up of my mess!

and Ta Da, New Years nails! Not that I did anything exciting for New Years, but at least my nails look like I did =P

Super Cute Hat!

found at, on sale for $13.50!!

Sinful Colors: #376 Glass Pink

A somewhat sheer frosty light pink color w/ a little shimmer :)

Happy New Year!!!!

I finally added this blog to my Windows Live Writer :) seriously BEST program for bloggers Ever! and it’s free, so if you’re interested… there’s no reason not to try it out.

I already posted about goals/resolutions, HERE, but here’s a couple more things on the to-do list:

*Buy the kit to convert my son’s crib into a full size bed =O and get mattress for it.

*Buy Windows 7 and install it :) I have a beta version of it on the laptop now, but if i don’t install a full version by March it’ll start shutting down my computer every 2 hours until I do!

*Do some hardware updates on my desktop: more memory, bigger hard drive, etc and then upgrade it to Windows 7 also. (it doesn’t currently have enough RAM for the upgrade! haha)

Well, that’s all i got for now :) Hope you have enjoyed the holidays!