A Means to an End

I finally posted those "this blog is going to end very soon!" posts on my domains and ... added a link to this blog of course ;) I had decided that when the hosting was up (on January 9th, 2010) that I would not be renewing it, nor would I renew or purchase new domains when those expire either, although the domains don't expire for a few months. So that leaves me here, on my free blogger hosted blog! Which I've been doing pretty darn well at updating, if I do say so myself. I am quite happy & at peace with my decision, and for anyone reading this blog now... HI! Thanks for Visiting!!!!

yay new layout!

I was feeling like the blog needed a little prettying up :) the basic blogger templates were lacking what i needed so I had to do a little internet searching, but i'm pleased with the outcome.

Anyway, my alarm is going off in about 5 hours sooooooo I'm gonna try to get some sleep =) I've had naps on and off all day though so I'm not really feeling tired!!!!

current obsessions

i keep finding blogs w/ loads of pictures of outfits. Lots of dresses, boots and cardigans. Three things I really don't wear, but I now have a very sudden urge to own and wear them. Weird... cyber peer pressure at it's finest =P hahaha. 

I really wanted a Snuggie for Christmas. and I got one. And......... I was/am quite disappointed in it. Mostly because your back is completely exposed, it doesn't even have a hook or closure in the back of the neck. I've told my mom that I would like her to return it, because I know that there exists knock-off versions that are made of a softer material, have a closure in the back and maybe even some pockets!!!!

Also really enjoying the following songs: Ke$ha - "Tik Tok" & Daniel Powter - "Fly Away"

work work work

The really super sucky thing about working in retail is that it's crazy busy around Christmas and plus there are the extended hours! I've worked 3-11:30 almost every night this week, and I have to say.. it's pretty friggin' ridiculous! I'm soooo sick of working that late!! I still have work tomorrow until 6 and then I am OFF for Christmas day (haha, the store is closed >.< everyone is off!) and then back to working late (but only til 10:30) on Saturday. I need time away from that place! Help!!


So I stumbled across this blog called "A Beautiful Mess" and it's made by someone named Elsie. And... how can I put this? I WANNA TRADE LIVES WITH THIS GIRL.

Blog is here ---> http://abeautifulmess.typepad.com/

ZOYA Polish: Irene #ZP426

Thought I'd get in the Christmas spirit and wear some green nail polish =) Happy Holidays!!

Site I Like

Just discovered this website from google and I like it! Maybe you will too ;) From Head To Toe <-- lots of fashion and beauty stuffs.


This is the polish I had on before the polish I'm currently wearing (the sinful colors polish in the last entry) this is Zoya #ZP263 called "Roxy". Sort of a pinkish purple with glitter, looks pretty but was pretty difficult to remove with all that glitter! You can buy Zoya products online @ http://www.artofbeauty.com they retail for about $7 each.

Sinful Colors polish: Cream Pink

I bought a bunch of the Sinful Colors polish on sale at Walgreens, they were 2 for $1.98. AWESOME. This stuff is high quality too, love this nail polish! Current color is "Cream Pink" #152.

retailmenot.com awesomeness

Before I order anything online and usually before I go on a shopping trip to the mall, I'll check on coupon websites like http://www.retailmenot.com and see if there are any coupon codes or coupons that I can print to take with me. I always recommend doing this, there are millions of coupons out there if you'll just look for them :) Saving money is always fun!!!

Goals for 2010

Things I would like to accomplish next year:
  • Blog often (at least every other day)
  • Arrange fun things to do w/ friends at least once a month.
  • Own a treadmill & actually use it.
  • Get a pro Flickr account & upload loads of photos.
  • Finish immigration paperwork & live in Canada w/ my hubby by the end of the year.
  • Drink little to no soda. (this is gonna be super hard!)
  • Wake up before 2pm on my days off.
  • Make new friends.
  • Learn to knit // complete knitting at least ONE thing.
I realize that this is a few weeks early but I felt like it was time to post. I'll add more things as I think of them :)

A New Start.

I've decided that my reign over paying for and hosting domain names is officially over. This free blog hosted by Blogger.com is the new beginning. I want to post about beauty products, I want to post about coupons, I want to post about how you can save money, how can you can make money. I want to post things that I enjoy, things that I think are cute.

This is the new blog. Welcome.