Make a Journal Jar

I am still in my "journal" mode of thinking, and I thought I would search the internet for lists of journal prompts (ideas or things to journal about) and I found many lists. But I also discovered Journal Jars! A few of the sites had mentioned these, you just write journal prompts on little slips of paper and put them in the jar... then you pick one out every day and that is the topic you write about :) Sounds like a good idea to me! These prompts can also be used for your blog entries or you can make an art journal page about them!

Here's a few sites with great lists of journal prompts:
You can literally find hundreds of websites with lists of journal prompts because they are used so often by teachers. So if you don't find any inspiration from those links (impossible!) then you can just do a web search on "writing prompts", "journal prompts", "blog prompts" etc.


Nothing much happening in the blog world today! Hah, none of my favorite blogs have updated :( I'm bummed out about this. The weather outside really isn't that great, is it???????

I just checked out and realized that it's going to storm tonight and tomorrow =/ I'm supposed to go out to dinner and a movie tonight (the bounty hunter) with a friend. We were originally supposed to go yesterday but she wasn't feeling so great. We'll probably eat some mexican food :) What are you doing tonight?

Inspiration: Art Journal pages

Sources for images located under the pics ;) Don't these pages seem as if they must take forever to create?

(( there is tons of art journal inspiration to be found there!! ))

(( lots more journal pages there too!! ))

I am especially fond of Donna's pages, because they are closer to what I might actually create in an art journal (like... actual journal entries? words????? haha) I'm done for now, I just baked cupcakes and now I'm going to frost them! YUM.

Inspired: Art Journal

I don't know why I had never heard of art journaling until a few months ago, but I am loving the idea of it! A journal where you can paint, scrap, etc and write journal entries right there in the middle of it all? Sounds like a perfect way to capture that particular time of your life to me.

There is a Art Journal online class that Elsie & Rachel are hosting that I would love to be a part of :) It's $60 to join though, and I'm not quite sure I'll be able to afford it =/ Sign-ups don't start until April 1st (yay! time to collect money! haha) and the 6 week class starts on April 26th. It sounds like a lot of work but you get to work at your own pace, and make your very own journal masterpiece! I look forward to the inspiration, and to learning a little more about myself. Learn more about it here >> CLICK CLICK <<

Wow, Late Night.

I have been deprived of the internet for the last few weeks and now I can't seem to get away from it! HAH. That's terrible! I am searching for storage ideas for my soon to be created crafty space. Shall I share? Okay..

heart shaped jewelry box (link)

I actually have a little heart shaped "box" that once contained chocolate in it that I've kept around.... Okay, Okay, let's do craft tutorial links or just pictures instead... :)

Mason Jar Pin Cushion (tutorial) **SOOO EASY**

Chalkboard Dresser (link) **FUN**

I can't keep my eyes open any longer! Goodnight!

Guess Who?

I'm Back!!!
After about a 3 week hiatus (much needed family time!) I am back home again, and so distracted by all those updates I have yet to read on my favorite blogs! Those ones over there... you know, on the sidebar! Three weeks = A LOT to catch up on :)

I am off work tomorrow and I have big plans & ideas as far as spring cleaning! I am bound and determined to create my craft space, and I can not wait! I am not completely sure how it's all going to work out just yet, I would love to have lots of "work space" and am interested in adding another table or a desk to the room to accomplish that. I have tons of old clothes to tear apart for fabric scraps, so I am looking forward to creating something with those. Perhaps a pin cushion? A small doll or a monster? I have lots of possibilities!

Well, that's all for now! I'll update tomorrow!

Just Checking In...

Hey guys I was just checking up on some blog reading and thought I'd stop by and say a quick hello!! I really should be cleaning and organizing my room right now, but instead I'm procrasting!! Hah. I just spent a little time online, and now I'm going to watch Two & A Half Men and then watch American Idol!!!!! Couch potato time!

I'll probably be tweeting through American Idol if you'd like to follow my Twitter >> click here << I hope everyone has a good weekend!!!

Happy March!

Can you really believe that it's already March?! Holy cows. This will probably be my last post for about the next 3 weeks, going on a "spend time with my family hiatus" from the blogging world! Haha. I'll see what I can do as far as sneaking a post in during that time, but I kind of doubt that it's going to happen. So don't hate me too much! I plan on going into "hard core" crafting mode when I return, that should be really exciting!! I'll also think about taking more personal pictures and posting those! Maybe doing a giveaway of some sort? Who Knows!

 I watched the movie "Julie & Julia" today, it's very inspiring as a blogger. Hah. Also, the husbands are awesome in that movie, that really shines through... how supportive the husbands are to their wives. You should watch it!

That's all for now, I'll see you guys in THREE WEEKS! Please don't forget about me! =)