Deadline Is Coming Up Fast!

I just realized that I only have another 4 and half months left before my birthday! Eeeeeeeek, I am so far from completing my list of 27 things to do before I turn 28!! Did I mention that I'm going up to Ontario again at the end of this month? For a week and half?? Time is quickly running out, I've made myself a "to-do list" of things to accomplish once I return back from my trip..

Right Away:
  • Save $200 and then get my name changed (start using my married name) and get my passport updated.  
  • Start a food diary, write down everything I eat for 30 days.
  • Start 30 Day Shred dvd and stick with it!
  • Start doing "index card a day" project, counts as art journaling =)
  • Choose and purchase a 1000 piece puzzle and then work on it until it's fully completed!
  • Write daily in my journal.
  • Print a new copy of immigration forms, get them filled out
  • Create a 2 week budget every payday and strictly stick to it! Try to save $$$.
Work on one day a week:
  • Learn calligraphy
  • Learn origami
  • Learn 2-3 new french phrases
  • Cook a new recipe, or two.
  • Crochet.
  • Learn how to use sewing machine.
If I stick with doing all of the above, that should pretty much take care of completing all my goals by my birthday! 

Also pretty high on my agenda is finding a 2nd job (part-time, around 15-20 hours a week) or finding a new "full-time" source of income. (( I work what is considered part-time right now, but what was once a steady 28-33 hours a week as been slowly decreasing down to barely 24 hours a week (or in next week's case.. a little over 16 hours for the week).. which is ridiculous considering all the years I've worked at this same company and that I am available to work any day of the week and at any time! Unacceptable! Must find new source of income! *reason #2937423972 not to work in retail* ))

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Mandy Crandell said...

We seem to be on the same path. Some of my goals are the same, plus I'll be 28 as well. Are you freaked out a bit or is it just me?