My Hobby To-Do List: Part 1

Seeing as I have recently moved into a different country and only brought along one suitcase full of clothes, the question I now have on my mind is what do I want to do with my spare time? Is buying a bunch of random art supplies a logical thing to do? Will it just be a giant waste of money or will I actually do something with those supplies? Do I want to buy a ton of different colored yarns and new crochet hooks and still pursue learning how to crochet? Another question... this is a small house, where am I going to put all this hobby stuff? Will I use it if I have to go down into the basement to do so?

I am very undecided about this! But here's a few things I know that I would still like to do:

I want to draw frequently and keep sketchbooks.

I want to paint: oil, acrylic, watercolor.. anything!

start scrapbooking, I love mini albums!

I have a canon digital rebel that begs to be used...
I'm gonna take a bazillion photos!

Really, I can do a lot of these things without needing huge space to store the supplies.. photography, drawing and maybe even creating mini-scrapbook albums.  I'd like to get our printer working (needs new ink, but might be better off to just buy new printer!) and do all my photo editing on the computer and just print photos right from home in any size I want... then use those photos in my mini-scrapbooks!

It's getting late and I really do have more hobbies I want to do than just these, so stay tuned for part 2!! What hobbies do you really enjoy?

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