My Hobby To-Do List: Part 2

Here's the second part of my hobby to-do list! There's a ton of things that I'd love to pursue relating to arts and crafts, seriously!

 I want to bake! Mmm cookies =) 

I want to take lots of photos with my instax mini
(just gotta get it shipped up here first! haha)

I'd love to have a sewing machine & learn to sew!

I want to cook healthy meals for my family...
healthy meals that they will enjoy eating!
(source) <-- genius tumblr, check it out

I'm sure there are more hobbies I would like to do than these.. but I can't think of any at the moment =D Maybe there's a part 3 in the future? Only time will tell!!

Right now I'm waiting for my son to have a nap, and then it's busy cleaning time for me. My agenda: Have a shower, get laundry going, and then clean as many dirty dishes as possible before he wakes back up. Bonus to living in a small house? It takes way less time to actually clean and pick up the rooms, and then they are easy to keep nice looking for a long time!

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