A Little About Life

Since I've very recently decided to stay in Ontario to be with my husband and our son, I'm going to have to give up on my "27 before 28" goals just because my life has drastically changed and it's just not going to be very practical for me to focus on those goals at this time. I definitely like having a list of goals to accomplish, so chances are good that I'll start a new list of goals sometime around my birthday in October.

I have been here for just about a month now,and just yesterday I worked on moving things around so that I could get my clothes out of the suitcase and properly put away, and in the process got the suitcase off the floor and put it down in the basement.. Isn't that crazy? Almost a full month before I stop living out of a suitcase?

Also, all the cash I brought with me is now gone (as of yesterday) and I don't have very much left in my bank account either. I've started looking for things I can do online to earn a little income, I signed up for adsense (haven't been approved yet) and have signed up for a few other sites such as keyforcash.com (did the evaluation and just waiting on an approval email) and hubpages.com but haven't done much with them yet. Do you know of any legit sites to earn a little money online??

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