What I've Been Doing...

Lack of posting lately, mostly because I've been busy working on the other website that I'm hoping to have launched June 1st. Been working quite a bit, and lack of sleep is finally catching up with me (about to lay down for a nap!), switched over to decaffeinated soda and decaf sweet tea (homemade), have been tv-free for 5 days now.. but I am seriously debating over whether or not to watch the new episode of GLEE tonight. It's only one hour.. does that really count against my goal of being tv-free for a week? what if I add another day, tv-free for 8 days..??? sounds fair enough to me!!

I have been eating a lot of baby carrots, tomatoes, clementine oranges, gala apples, salad... mostly healthy stuff. Although we ordered pizza yesterday for dinner... and i had leftover pizza for breakfast too... and dinner tonight... that isn't so great.. but man, I love me some pizza =)

... Nap time, Glee will record on the DVR. Best invention ever.

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