Friday Favorites!

Time again for a whole new edition of Friday Favorites! This is probably my favorite post series that I've done, so let's get this show going =)

I'm participating in Kaelah's 30 Day Mind & Body Detox, I'm currently on day 11.. so far I've.. stopped drinking caffeinated soda and switched to decaf soda and tea, and just recently I've gone an entire week without TV!! Yes!! Another goal I can cross off my 27 before 28 list!

Also, I started using Neutrogena's advanced skincare system over the last week or so and my skin is looking soooo much better!! Hoping I get to cross off "have clear skin" from my 27 before 28 list very soon too!!

Here's my pinterest favorites this week:


birthday cake fudge.. source

how to dye your own buttons.. must learn

I ate some candy last night, first time in a week, I had starburst and mike & ikes... the sugar overload didn't make me feel so great, so yeah.. gotta stick with the fruits and veggies!

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