What's the BIG News?

I have finally decided to STAY in Ontario with my husband and our son! We'll go talk to our immigration lawyer within the next week or two and find out exactly what we need to get done to make this possible (our lawyer has been on vacation and should be back anytime now!) so it's pretty exciting stuff! Finally living a somewhat normal family life.. there comes a time for everything =P

I quit my job after arriving here, so far I've heard nothing but well wishes from my co-workers (including my manager! I was shocked that she was so excited for me and not freaking out about the short notice or about having to replace such a great employee) so everything is going well. My parents are even handling it pretty okay, haha, I think they are still holding out hope that I'll be moving back soon *not likely!* but they know that I need to be with my little family =)

As for the blog?? How about a Super Long Hiatus? I don't know how often I'll be back to blog, honestly I feel like it's about time that I started a new blog or three, but that's something to think about in the future! Right now I'm just spending every minute with my family and loving life.

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