Tumblr Love!

I really love this image, it's from Mighty To Save's tumblr. Now blow up pretty big and frame it and you've got yourself some awesome wall art :)

Top 5 on Friday

Top 5 Bands You Wish You Had Discovered Sooner
  • New Found Glory (although I do own a lot of their cds..)
  • The All-American Rejects (own a lot of their stuff too)
  • Barenaked Ladies
  • Something Corporate
  • Matchbox Twenty
If you'd like to play along head on over to Music Memories! I'd love to know what bands you'd choose!

Post It Note Tuesday

A super fun blog meme I just found! Yay! Hope you guys all participate too!

New Discoveries :)

I've quite recently discovered 2 cool online things:

1) http://theblogfrog.com - online community for bloggers, you don't even need to have a blog to sign up, plus they have cool widgets that show your recent visitors (like the one i added to my sidebar, it only shows visits from people who are signed up on the site though!), warning it's quite addictive! and you will find LOTS of awesome blogs!

2) An awesome list of blog memes! http://www.ourmommyhood.com/social-calendar/memes/ I'm definitely going to try a few of those out!

Hope you all are having a great day!


Just realized I totally forgot about "straight from the camera sunday" this week, it really doesn't even feel like the weekend to me and it's already over! Haha. I'll do my best to remember to keep up with my blog memes in the future :) I guess I need to leave myself notes so I won't forget!


For some reason, lately I've been feeling that the universe is trying to tell me that I'm supposed to be finding a better job. Or something to that effect. I had a horrible, spastic, unreasonable customer last night and it really made me rethink why I even like my job! I've been working in retail forever, the pay absolutely sucks and the hours vary so much depending on the time of year. I've really been considering other options, searching online for information about online classes, looking through the job classifieds. I saw 2 help wanted ads in the paper today that I was like... I could so get that job. But then I'd have to basically quit the job I have now, and who knows if the new job would pay any better? I'm not courageous enough to take that sort of a risk, I don't feel like I'm ready to 100% quit my current job. And I think if I had another job during the day, and could only work nights..... then I wouldn't really be getting any hours at all at the current job. It's a lot for me to be thinking about, but yes, universe, I've been getting your message!

UPDATE 4/27: My cell phone (samsung exclaim) has this really cool feature that lets me get my daily horoscope on my phone, guess what today's horoscope said? "You're going to have to become more adaptable, Scorpio, because there are more changes on the horizon, especially where your career is concerned." HA! Told You!!

Things I've Done!

  • I stayed up pretty late (1am!) just having a great conversation with my husband.. That should be a more regular occurrence, if you ask me :)
  • I am cooking dinner now, chicken breasts with chicken & broccoli rice and green beans. It's gonna be yummy!
  • I washed a load of towels last night and I need to wash a load of work clothes tonight before bedtime. (I'll get that started as soon as I finish this post!)
  • I went to a car wash and vacuumed out the inside of my car, yay! That hasn't been done in forever!!
  • I bought a 3 pack of car wipes at Walmart that I am kind of excited to use! Haha.. there's a pack each of glass wipes, protectant wipes, and cleansing wipes. I am most impressed that the cleansing wipes can be used on the seat fabric! I also bought a pack of air freshener for my car.
  • I bought hair dye! I might even use it tonight! Hah, if not, then soon for sure! It's Loreal excellence cream in medium brown *i think, i will double check!* I'm trying to get rid of the blond highlights that are still lurking in my hair!
  • Dusted the entertainment center in my room, and realized that my bedroom is not nearly as in need of a good cleaning as I imagined it was.
  • Paid bills online! I love that feature =)
  • Bought sprinkles and cupcake papers.... but haven't baked any cupcakes yet!
  • Wrote an entry in my journal.

So that leaves spend time outside, take pictures, dye my hair, and exercise... as the only things I really still have on my to-do list. Not bad if I do say so myself!

Things to Do!

I've decided that I've been super lazy the last couple of weeks and now I'm trying to motivate myself to actually get some things accomplished! Here's a list of things for me to do over the next couple of days. Don't you feel so much better about yourself when you actually do things? lol

My List of Things!
  • clean bathroom & bedroom
  • buy some hair dye and dye my hair?! 
  • spend time outside!
  • take loads of pictures! of anything!
  • exercise! workout dvd or take a walk!
  • laundry
  • pay bills online (free bill pay through the bank is about the best thing ever!)
  • write a long entry in my journal
  • make cupcakes?!? (chocolate cake, chocolate icing... of course!)
  • give my car a good cleaning!
That's about all I can think of at the moment :) What's on your list of things to do?

Quotes from "My Sister's Keeper"

I finally rented "My Sister's Keeper" and watched it last night. I bawled through oh, 90% of the movie. But it was really good, and was full of awesome dialogue that was just screaming to be quotes! So I'll now list a few of those awesome quotes here, for everyone <3

"It's about a girl who is on the cusp of becoming someone.. A girl who may not know what she wants right now, and she may not know who she is right now, but who deserves the chance to find out."
Jodi Picoult (My Sister's Keeper)

There are some things we do because we convince ourselves it would be better for everyone involved. We tell ourselves that it's the right thing to do, the altruistic thing to do. It's far easier than telling ourselves the truth."
Jodi Picoult (My Sister's Keeper

"I have only known her for two years. But if you took every memory, every moment, if you stretched them end to end-they'd reach forever."
Jodi Picoult (My Sister's Keeper)

"In the English language there are orphans and widows, but there is no word for the parents who loses a child."
Jodi Picoult (My Sister's Keeper

"See, as much as you want to hold on to the bitter sore memory that someone has left this world, you are still in it. And the very act of living is a tide: at first it seems to make no difference at all, and then one day you look down and see how much pain has eroded."
Jodi Picoult (My Sister's Keeper)

"Life sometimes gets so bogged down in the details, you forget you are living it. There is always another appointment to be met, another bill to pay, another symptom presenting, another uneventful day to be notched onto the wooden wall. We have synchronized our watches, studied our calendars, existed in minutes, and completely forgotten to step back and see what we've accomplished."
Jodi Picoult (My Sister's Keeper

"Tradionally, parents made decisions for a child, because presumably they are looking out for his or her best interests. But if they are blinded, instead, by the best interests of another one of their children, the system breaks down. "
Jodi Picoult (My Sister's Keeper)

"When you have been with your partner for so many years, they become the glove compartment map that you've worn dog-eared and white-creased, the trail you recognize so well you could draw it by heart and for this very reason keep it with you on journeys at all times. And yet, when you least expect it, one day you open your eyes and there is an unfamiliar turnoff, a vantage point that wasn't there before, and you have to stop and wonder if maybe this landmark isn't new at all, but rather something you have missed all along."
Jodi Picoult (My Sister's Keeper

"But this is inaccurate. A runaway train is an accident. Me, I'll jump in front of the tracks. I'll even tie myself down in front of the speeding engine. There's some illogical part of me that still believes if you want Superman to show up, first there's got to be someone worth saving."
Jodi Picoult (My Sister's Keeper)

"An oncology ward is a battlefield, and there are definite hierarchies of command. The patients, they're the ones doing the tour of duty. The doctors breeze in and out like conquering heroes, but they need to read your child's chart to remember where they've left off from the previous visit. It's the nurses who are the seasoned sergeants-the ones who are there when your baby is shaking with such a high fever she needs to be bathed in ice, the ones who can teach you how to flush a central venous catheter, or suggest which patient floor kitchens might still have Popsicles left to be stolen, or tell you which dry cleaners know how to remove the stains of blood and chemotherapy from clothing. The nurses know the name of your daughter's stuffed walrus and show her how to make tissue paper flowers to twine around her IV stand. The doctors may be mapping out the war games, but it is the nurses who make the conflict bearable."
Jodi Picoult (My Sister's Keeper

I really want to read some of Jodi Picoult's books now, REALLY. All quotes found on goodreads.com, they also have about a million other quotes from Jodi!

Straight From The Camera Sunday

I got a couple of pics for you guys this time! I seriously just went outside for a couple of minutes and DONE! Seriously, this blog meme is sooo easy to participate in :)

If you're interested in participating in this meme please click the below image to find out more details!

Top 5 on Friday

Another new blog meme just for you guys! This one is from Music Memoirs, and has a different topic each Friday and is all music related!

Top 5 Songs You Love to Hear Live
I love finding the live, usually acoustic, versions of songs. I usually prefer them, actually! So here goes!
  • Avril Lavigne's "You Were Mine"... Dixie Chicks cover
  • Kelly Clarkson's "Beautiful Disaster" <--- love this song!
  • Rob Thomas' cover of "Time After Time" -- classic!
  • Pretty much anyone singing John Lennon's "Imagine"
  • And I'm an *NSYNC fan to the core, so how about "Bye Bye Bye" ???
Oh, and a side note....... I love Daniel Powter's "Fly Away" and "Bad Day" so I would love to hear those live also! =) Feel free to do this meme on your blog!!

Hey, I Lost Inches!

So I took measurements of certain body areas on the 10th, my waist (smallest & largest), upper arms, thighs, hips, and calfs. And I measured again today and I've lost 2 inches! Whoo!!!! I've just been doing a couple of workout dvds, Gunnar Petersons core secrets! I don't even do a workout every other day, I'm actually rather lazy about it. And I'm not really dieting either, so this is very exciting!! Haha.

I would really love to have Julian Michael's "30 Day Shred" dvd, I've seen it on ebay for as low as $10, so I'll  probably be getting it some time soon! I hear that it's super tough but it works if you can stick with it :) Are there any workout dvds that you'd recommend?

Dress Obsessions

So I've had a super crush on dresses lately, why? I'm not sure, seeing as I hardly ever wear them!! Haha, I'm trying to tell myself that I should?! I don't know, here's a few dresses I found through Google Shopping that I thought were cute :)

from Chadwicks.com $39.99 (LINK)
really love this look!

from Chadwicks.com $49.99 (LINK)

from Chadwicks.com $29.99 (LINK)
practically drooling over this one!

from Target.com $39.99 (LINK)

from Target.com $29.99 (LINK)

from Target.com $24.99 (LINK)

from Target.com $13.98 CLEARANCE!

from Target.com $19.99 (LINK)

a few other dresses I liked from JCPenney... 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

So what do you guys think? Did you like any of these dresses? Which one was your favorite? I have to say the first dress from Chadwicks is my most favorite out of all of these!

New Blog Meme!

Straight Out of the Camera Sunday
this blog meme is just about posted unedited pics from your camera!

This is a picture of my son from about a month ago :)

If you're interested in participating in this meme please click the below image to find out more details!

Uh Oh.

Sorry for the lack of posting this week guys, the power supply went out on the computer and was just replaced today. I also realized that I can't log in to blogger from the internet on my cell phone, lol, I did try to write a little post about this sooner! Yes, there is a way to set up posting via text or email... or whatever, but I don't have that set up. haha SORRY!

I'm so glad I have the internet back! Look for another post from me either later tonight or tomorrow!!!

Happy Easter!!

I dyed eggs yesterday after work and made sugar cookies to get myself into the Easter spirit :) And now, I feel fat today because I've eaten a lot of sugar cookies! haha I was doing really well at going on walks to get exercise but then the weather got crappy and I just wasn't in the mood for it! I did lose some weight but I've probably gained a ton of back this weekend >_< I wish I owned a treadmill, I like to think that I would use it!

I've been working on coming up with ideas for the blog :) I'd like to incorporate a couple of weekly blog memes... like "things i love thursday" etc. What are your favorite weekly blog post series?? Another one that I really love and probably will do is called "52 new" you post weekly about new things you have done or tried during that week. Come on, comment on this post and tell me what you like!

Happy April!

Hope everyone has a good Easter weekend :) How about we celebrate with a few Easter egg pictures???

hope you have a Happy Easter!