Sally Hansen Crackle Polish

So I'm at Walgreens doing a little shopping, and I happen to spot a brand spankin' new display of Sally Hansen crackle polishes! OMG!! There are all different colors: purple, blue, white, silver, gray, gold, black.. I want them all. ALL OF THEM I TELL YOU!! I chose the black one to start off with, here are some pictures:

Products used: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polish in #15 Presto Pink and Sally Hansen crackle overcoat in #08 Ink Splatter, with Maybelline Express Finish base & top coat applied over top. Tip: Apply a thin layer of crackle polish to get more crackling effects (in above photos, my pinky and ring fingers have a thicker layer applied and you can really tell the difference!!)

I know I've really been trying to not buy any nail polish this year, but come on! I consider this more of an investment, because it forces me to use the colored polishes I already own as a base coat =) So my old polishes get more use and I get to use my new black crackle polish.. it's a win-win situation!!

In hindsight, the Sally Hansen crackle retails for $6.99 each, and I could have actually bought the black OPI crackle for less where I work (I have only been eyeing it down for months now, haha), but OPI doesn't have many different color options in their "shatter" polishes yet.. and I couldn't resist! Also, I'm in love with the Insta-Dri polishes too, they really do dry instantly!!

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