Zoya Nail Polish Exchange

Zoya is hosting an awesome nail polish exchange program in honor of Earth Day, here's how it works.. you pick out Zoya nail polishes (at least 6 of them) and pay $4 each, which includes shipping & processing (and is half the regular price of each polish!!) they ship them to you. And then you choose an equal number of your old nail polishes and ship them back to Zoya for them to dispose of. It's a pretty sweet deal and I've participated in the program in the past. I love Zoya polishes and I would totally take advantage of this deal if "do not buy nail polish" wasn't on the list of things for me to accomplish before my birthday! Hah.. See, I'm being good and following my own goals. It's a GREAT deal and it's good for the environment too, so I encourage everyone to participate!!

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