Day 26: Books to Read in 2011

I ended up putting a lot of books on creativity, crafts, and business on my list, and that was no accident. Those topics have been running circles in my mind lately =) I just ordered Craft, Inc and Big-A## Book of Crafts off of amazon, literally just a couple of minutes ago! I am looking forward to having those books in my hands to read and learn from, plus I got a few great handmade product ideas in my head yesterday so I'm currently working up prototypes of them. Hah.. It's something I am excited about, the idea of earning extra income by doing something you love. One day I'd love to run my own business, a retail business with a physical store even! It's something worth dreaming about in my opinion!! It's definitely something that makes me happy, I went to bed with a smile on my face after dreaming up all those product ideas.

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