Cinnamon Toast

I was craving something sweet, something simple, something that wouldn't still be left in the house for another 2 days for me to snack on.. My solution? Cinnamon Toast! I found Pioneer Women's "Cinnamon Toast the Right Way" recipe and it sounded good, so I made it! It was simple, it only took about 15 minutes before it was ready to eat and there were no leftovers!

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I used plain ol' white sandwich bread and made 4 slices of toast, because I had mixed up that much of the butter/cinnamon/sugar mixture! Hah.. I was only planning on eating 2-3 slices but what's a person to do? You can't just throw away that perfectly good stuff. I ate it all. My verdict? SOOO GOOD. I'm debating on making it again for breakfast!

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