Day 9: Favorite Sites & Blogs

If you have been reading my blog at all, you already know ALL of my favorite blogs (they are listed on the sidebar!!) so this list won't really contain anything new for you.  But maybe you like looking at my handwriting so it's all worth it? Ha. I don't know.. here's my list!!

In other news, I think I've hit a stalling point on my new website/blog and as a result I'll have to push back the opening date. I need to rethink the true focus of the site and then start from there.  So basically, all the time I've spent working on it so far has pretty much gone to waste. Hit a bump in the road.. maybe you could help.. It's going to be a beauty and fashion type of blog, but not focusing on makeup product reviews. Maybe tips and application type of things, but on the products themselves. Maybe I'll post outfits. I'm not sure. It's all up the air at the moment. Focused more on actual blogging, and not writing articles and reviews. What to you enjoy about beauty & fashion related blogs?

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