Day 17: Words that are Hard to Spell

I am definitely one of those people that if I am writing something down and I don't know how to spell the word I want to use, I'll instead use other words that I can spell to get the desired point across! Hah, I'm not in school anymore so I seldom have to write things down for others to read, I don't worry about typing things out on the computer because Hello! Spell Check!, so I don't really come across words too often to add to this list. In fact, I had a hard time coming up with words so I actually cheated and googled it and put some of those words on there!

I apologize that this post went up so late tonight, I've spend the majority of my day working on getting my wordpress layout just right for the new site/domain that I'm working on. P.S. Blogging every day is hard! Even if it's just a silly one of these lists! =)

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