Friday Favorites: New Music

One of my Christmas gifts this past year was a $50 iTunes giftcard, and I finally got around to using it last night! Here's what I bought (note: these are all full albums):

 I have been listening to this album on for a long time now, it's about time I bought it for myself =) I own all of Avril's albums. Deluxe version has 6 extra tracks, including "Alice" and "Bad Reputation" both of which I really like and are very good!

I'm usually not a fan of country music, but I just had to get the soundtrack after I saw the movie! This is the "main" soundtrack with songs from Gwyneth Paltrow, Faith Hill, Trace Adkins, Hank Williams Jr and more..  there are 2 different Country Strong soundtracks on iTunes!!

Somehow is album managed to come out 2 years ago without me ever knowing about it, it's New Found Glory's most recent album and the 5th album by New Found Glory that I own. I have just about all of their albums, only missing one or two from the beginning days.

Another soundtrack that I just HAD TO buy after seeing the movie! I absolutely loved this movie and I am planning on purchasing it to add to my own personal collection. The soundtrack is 90% songs by Christina Aguilera, another artist that I love and I own all of her albums. Highly recommend you watch the movie.

So I kinda sorta have a little bit of the Bieber Fever, his songs are catchy and make you feel happy. Plus, he's got a pretty good voice. I haven't seen the movie and this is the only album of Justin Bieber's that I have bought. I swear!

All in all, I think I did pretty well at getting my money's worth. I have 5 cents leftover from that gift card!! Have you bought any new music lately??

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