Day 8: What's In My Bag

It's about time I did one of these "What's In My Bag" posts!! Hah,, another thing that I had planned on doing anyway that just happened to be part of the 30 Days of Lists =D The photos on the page are taken with my Fuji Instax Mini 7s, and are not attached to the page just yet! Hah.. not sure how to go about gluing them on the page without messing up the photos or the paper. Was thinking maybe a couple dots with a glue gun in the corners would do the trick!

my bag for the past 4 months...

mess around with picnik... click for larger image
p.s. that lotto ticket was a loser

Well I guess that's it, I hope you enjoyed this post!! It's unbelievably warm and windy outside.. it's 84 degrees in this house with the windows open.  We wanted warmth and sunshine but this is a little much!

EDIT:: Sorry I forgot to post this before... No, the lottery ticket wasn't a winner. Not even a free ticket. Blah!

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PaulB said...

Was the lotto ticket a winning one?? ..and where's the kitchen sink?? lol!