Weigh In #3

I blew it this week, you guys. I am disappointed in myself, I didn't do any exercising this past week.. I kept meaning to and I kept procrastinating and it just never happened. Apparently I haven't been doing all that great on watching what I've been eating either.. because I gained weight since last week! arrrrrrrgggggggggggh.


Gained 2 whole pounds since last week... and I had McDonalds for lunch today! ahhhhhh... calorie and sodium content overload... i ate 1.5 cheeseburgers without onion and like 12 fries. TOO MUCH SALT. Must stay far, far, far away from that place.

P.S. Anyone watch Glee tonight?? Drunk Glee kids are so not cool... what are they thinking?!?!?!

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