Weigh In #2

Yay, week number two! I've been doing awesome past week (from last monday night to today at noon) and I only worked out 4 times. I took the past 3 days off for my muscles to recover (omg, pain) and I still lost more weight than I did last week!! Yeah!! I even ate donuts, milkshake, ice cream, fries, burger, movie theater popcorn... I ate a lot of unhealthy stuff this week <3  Lately I've been dancing on the scale after I see my current weight!!

LAST WEEK: 192.5

Lost 4.5 pounds in one week?!??!!??

You can see how that's worth dancing about, right?? So happy with my progress!! Right now I've lost 6 pounds in two weeks, that's 2 pounds ahead of schedule!!

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