My 27 before 28

I made this list quite a while back.. I still have a little over 8 months before I turn 28 =) Some of these goals can also be found on my bucket list but I'm still hoping to have them completed by my birthday.
My 27 before 28
  • lose 27 pounds (completed 4/3!)
  • lose 27 inches
  • keep food diary for one month
  • go a week without tv (completed 5/19!)
  • learn 27 french phrases
  • start using my married name
  • finish immigration paperwork
  • use library, don't buy books (crossed this off on 5/20, I go to the library for books so often and it does save $$ and space!)
  • crochet 5 things {have done 2 headbands, one belt}
  • fill an art journal
  • complete another written journal
  • take photos & print them
  • complete 1000 piece puzzle
  • learn origami
  • cook 10 new things {roasted carrots 2/19, peanut butter & honey cupcakes 4/19, german pancakes 4/24, semi-homemade donuts 5/7}
  • give up soda
  • have clear skin
  • exercise
  • complete Jillian's 30 Day Shred
  • do not buy nail polish (crossed off on 5/20, I'm sure I can make it until November without buying any new nail polish!)
  • learn to sew
  • create a craft studio
  • have my own "office"
  • live within my means
  • get a new luggage set
  • learn calligraphy
  • eat more fruits and veggies (feel this is accomplished as of 5/20, thanks to the 30 Day Mind & Body Detox!)
I've been sorta working on the craft studio/office the past week, I've been eating more fruits and veggies since like 2 months ago?? and I now own 30 Day Shred although no where near completing it..  haven't taken any photos, haven't been working on art journaling, haven't picked out a puzzle yet.... there's a LOT I still need to accomplish... thankfully I still have 8 months!!

I love seeing other people's list like these.. if you have one or many please share!! Link me in the comments or share a few of your goals please!!

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