I did finally get my 30 Day Shred dvd, but I have decided that I'm going to wait until Tuesday to start it.. I weighed & measured myself last week on Monday, so I figure that by waiting to start the dvd I will be able to tell how much weight I have lost in the past week without doing any exercise. Exciting, right?? I am so not looking forward to the amount of pain I will have to go through with the workout dvd.. >_< And I have lost weight since Monday, so I will most definitely update you guys on that!!

Right now I am doing what most people are probably doing right now... Watching the Superbowl! I am definitely one of those people that don't watch football at all during the normal season, but will most likely watch the Superbowl. We're not doing anything special for it, no parties or extra people over.. just quiet. I am hopeful that the underdogs will win this one, the Steelers have won more than their own fair share of Superbowls in the last few years... GO GREENBAY!!!

I am also looking forward to finally getting some new GLEE, it's on right after the game! WOOT WOOT.

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