Pumpkin Pie... Anyone?

I'm baking a pumpkin pie as I type this, although it's still about 3 hours until I can eat it ( i had no idea it took so long to bake and then so long to cool afterwards!), but I thought I'd tempt your stomach with some pictures of pumpkin pies =) I heart Google image search. Although, I suppose I could search for pumpkin pie pictures on some other photo site, but that besides the point! On to the delicious desserts!

food network's ultimate pumpkin pie (source)

pumpkin pie cake??? Genius!! (source)

deep fried pumpkin pie... oh yes. (source)

pumpkin donuts!! someone make these and let me have some!

If you click on the source links... they all have the recipe posted online. It's officially fall now, so let's have a pumpkin feast!! Hah... this post was supposed to be just about pumpkin pie, but look at all the yummy things you can find online, and they all have recipes! 
I hope you enjoyed this post, and are not too angry at me for making you crave pumpkin everything! :)

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