Changes Coming Soon!

I just bought a brand spankin' new domain name for this blog, in 3ish days when it's all set up, it will forward you automatically to the new address. (EDIT: it's been MINUTES since I posted this and it's already set up and forwarding just wonderfully!)  I will most likely be changing out the layout and things of the blog very soon, it just seems like the thing to do when you get a new web address!!! I think I will keep the name of the blog as "frugal cupcake" for probably a long time, only the domain aka web address will be changing. And the old blog address will just forward you to the domain so there's really nothing even worth writing about here, is there??

But I just spent many, many hours trying to come up with a domain name that I liked and that was available as a .com address. And then, my crappy satellite internet connection prevented me from purchasing it for almost another 2 days!! And then, today, I did a little research regarding the problem (that is what is so great about the internet, when you have a problem there are many people who have experienced the same problem before you, all you do is just search for the answers!!) and figured out that I needed to clear the cookies from my browser and then try purchasing the domain again. And TA DA!! It worked, just think of all that time I wasted that Google could have prevented me from wasting if I had just searched for the answer to my problem.

The point is... be excited for the future!! I'm excited about buying a domain name for this blog, so you should be excited too!!

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