Inspiration: 1000 Artist Journal Pages

I made another trip to the local library today, I had to return my last batch of books and then I found a few new ones to check out. I'm really into art journals lately, there is so much information on the internet about them and soooooooo many images of the journal pages! It's super inspiring! At first I didn't think my library had any books on the subject, but then when I searched under "sketchbook journal" that was the magic topic that bought up all the results!

 source: *awesome crafty blog!*

I've decided that art journaling is something that I really want to do, and last night I started altering a sketchbook by gluing together pages and gluing scrap pages of magazines over that and then covering that with white gesso. It's a time consuming process! I found this book right on time, if you are interested in art journaling I highly suggest you find this book and take a look through it. It's VERY inspiring and includes journal pages from artist all over the world!

The book is: 1,000 Artist Journal Pages: Personal Pages & Inspiration by Dawn DeVries Sokol ... clicking the link will take you to the Amazon page, where the book is available for purchase :) Or, you just can hope your local library has a copy of it!!

P.S. Brand new episode of Glee tomorrow night!! Tues 8pm Eastern.. it's the BRITNEY SPEARS episode!!

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