Crochet Project #1: Touchdown Wristers

It's sooooo exciting to finish a project!! These are the "touchdown wristers" a free pattern from Lion Brand has a ton of free patterns, but does require you to sign-up (for free) to access them. and Yes, there is a matching wrister for my left hand as well.. I just don't have a picture that includes both hands. haha

I did make the space for the thumb quite a bit larger than the pattern suggested (on purpose) and I have yet to "gauge" anything (horrible of me, all instructions say you MUST do this, don't be bad like me). These are easy enough you could finish in one day if you spent enough time on them, for me.. working an hour or two every once in a while.. it took about a week to finish. I like using the multicolor yarn because it's a little easier to see the stitches, and I also like the effect it gives. Even if it makes me feel like I'm too old to be wearing these wristers because of it! lol

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