Do you use RSS Feed Readers?

I was using Bloglines for a few weeks before they announced they were shutting down at the end of this month, which figures, because I really liked the website. I started using Bloglines when I realized that (a blog popularity website) shows the number of people subscribed via Bloglines to a particular website. I thought that was pretty cool! But of course, Bloglines is shutting down so I had to find a different feed reader to keep track of all those blogs! I ended up using Google Reader and it gets the job done.

I like using a feed reader to subscribe to blogs, because by doing that I can read a lot more blogs than if I had to individually go to each blog (and keep track of all those web addresses!), and it allows me to only read the new blog posts since my last visit. It's a more efficient use of my time, and I like that. You do, however, have to check in pretty regularly otherwise you end up with hundreds of new blog posts to read and that's really overwhelming!!

Do you use a feed reader?? Which one is your favorite?

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