Zoya Polish - Giselle

I can't believe I haven't posted more photos of my Zoya polishes than this... how insane. Remember, I swore off buying any new nail polishes last October and I still have MANY, MANY more polishes that I have yet to post photos of on this blog. Oh Yeah, there's a good reason I swore off buying any more polishes. lol.

 This is Zoya's polish #ZP356 called "Giselle", it would be absolutely perfect to use on a french manicure, it's almost clear with just a very slight color tint,  and it actually just makes your real nails look that much healthier. I usually try to stay away from just wearing a clear polish, or a very light colored polish, but I don't mind wearing this particular shade. By the way, I don't own a topcoat of Zoya, so I am wearing a coat of my Sally Hansen Insta-Dry polish in "clearly quick" (it really does dry super fast!!) on the top.

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