Bloglines is Back

I posted months ago about how disappointed I was that was going to be shut down, I really enjoyed that site and I was into using feed readers at the time, so when I heard that they would be shutting down, I had switched over to Google Reader (not my favorite) and then I was busy with work and not really having time to be on the computer anyway so I stopped using that too. Well, while all this was happening Bloglines emailed me to say that the site wasn't being shut down after all, in fact they ended up revamping it!! So just yesterday I signed back up with them and started using the brand new website, it's got all sorts of widgets (weather, news, facebook, twitter) that you can use and all those feed reader capabilities that I loved so much, but better! With even more options!

If you're in search for a good feed reader I suggest you head over to Bloglines and give them a try, I think you'll enjoy that website as much as I do =) P.S. If you have some good blog recommendations from me to read, please link me to them in the comments <3

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