If you are ever curious as to what I enjoy doing in my spare time... Maplestory is your answer. It's a free online game, a gigantic download (but they'll send you the files on dvd if you want), and it's played by millions of people. Sure, most of them are younger than me, but it's a fun game and I enjoy playing it.

 There are many different characters that you can choose to play, my character is a Wild Hunter.. it's the only character that gets to ride around on a jaguar, and you can buy things in the cash shop, like my Black Kitty. My kitty follows me around everywhere, gets sad when it's hungry, and I bought extra items so that my kitty will pick up what the monsters drop when killed. It's a pretty cool game!

If you would like to play, head on over to the Maplestory website and get the game downloaded ( I warn you, the file is over 2 gigs!!!) and join me in the game. I play on the Galicia server and my character name is msjennb. Let me know if you're gonna play!!

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