Sinful Colors #945 Soul Mate

I love Sinful Colors nail polish, for one thing it's cheap $1.99 regularly and sometimes you can find it at Walgreens on sale for $1 each!! With that being said.. I own quite a few colors of this polish! It says it is a "professional" polish, and it does last pretty well. I messed up tonight and put a Rimmel clear coat on top of it and they don't like each other too well, one of these days I need to get the Sinful Colors clear base/top coat polish... I've kind of sworn off buying any more nail polish though, I own a TON of it. OOPS.

"Soul Mate" is a light salmon color, it has some pink and some orange, it was super difficult to get an accurate photo of the color, but I guess it doesn't help that I'm taking pictures in my room with no sunlight. It's actually doesn't look much like the color in the photo at all, why do I bother??? lol I looked at Google Images too and it looks like I'm not the only one who has difficulty with photographing this color! HA! I'm not the only one!!

I don't know how to describe the color, these photos do it no justice what so ever. It's a more intense shade that what is shown, it's kind of a medium bold pink with a little orange thrown in, that's the best I can tell you. Yes, I know that's not very helpful... sorry.

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