Target Wishlist.

Thought I would make myself a clothing wishlist with Target items, what do you think of the idea?? Usually if I make a list of stuff I would like to buy.. I end up buying most of it! Sooo I don't know that this is my greatest thing to post at the moment =)

I work at a clothing store and get most of my purchases there for super cheap, so I don't really go to Target (or any clothing store for that matter) to shop for clothes. I get spoiled with my discounts at work so now I think that anything on a normal sale price without extra discounts is just too expensive. It's funny how that works.

mossimo cardigan sweater $25

juniors lace inset cardigan $23

juniors open front sweater $23

juniors printed lace inset tank $12

mossimo womens v-neck $13

mossimo black womens satin top $20

 merona womens vionnet top $23

easy care, easy wear top $15

easy care, easy wear v-neck $15

I suppose it is rather obvious that I am looking for new tops I can wear to work, I might just fall in love with that Easy Care, Easy Wear line... although the line only has 9 items listed on >_< I wonder why that is? Why so few???

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