I don't finish what I start.

I've come to realize that I have major issues with starting to do things and never really following through with them.. especially recently. I need to fix this about myself.

The List:
*crocheting, i started and finished one project (fingerless gloves) and haven't touched it since.
*art journaling, i prepped millions of pages, bought books from the library and started altering them, only actually finished a few pages............
*doodle diary, i did about 10 small pages..over a couple of days and .... ???
*learning french, i made some word flashcards and "studied" for a few days and gave up.
 *my bucket list, I took the time to find all these things I wanted to do and I have yet to concentrate on actually doing any of them!!

I've get excited about doing something and the excitement lasts for a few days or maybe a week and then it's over just as fast as it began, the thought of doing whatever it was doesn't cross my mind again. I've decided that I'm going to work on finishing what I start, there is a reason I was exciting about the idea of doing this things and I should be just as excited to cross them off my list of things to do!

In fact, I am already working on fixing this about myself. Today I borrowed a book from the library about learning French and I'm going to study it!! I want to learn and comprehend at least 100 French words, and that's just a starting point. It's Fall weather and it's perfect for crocheting, I have plenty of yarn to use!! I still have crochet patterns I printed out a few months ago that I can work on =) And as for art journaling and using my doodle diary, all I really need to do is schedule myself time to work on it.

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