Snooki's Tan

I've watched The Jersey Shore on MTV quite a few times, and Snooki is one of my favorite characters on the show.. I even follow her on twitter, and by viewing the pictures she tweets of herself on twitter, I've come to the conclusion that she is waaaaaaaaay too tan.  Let's observe this, shall we??

Before, Looking Normal Skin Toned:
Snooki is on the left in the picture, actually looking at this.. all the Jersey Shore girls probably tan too much. (photo source)

Now, way too dark:
When you compare the before and after, all that you can say is WOW. 

I hope she is using fake tanners and not tanning beds, just think of all that premature skin damage she's putting herself through if it's from a tanning bed! Ouch. If it's from a fake tanner?? Her face is too dark, if she at least toned down the tan on her face a little it wouldn't look so harsh.

I'm not the only one who thinks this is tanning overload, right??? I know there must be a lot of pressure to look good from being on a television show and surrounded by cameras all the time, but come on.

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