For some reason, lately I've been feeling that the universe is trying to tell me that I'm supposed to be finding a better job. Or something to that effect. I had a horrible, spastic, unreasonable customer last night and it really made me rethink why I even like my job! I've been working in retail forever, the pay absolutely sucks and the hours vary so much depending on the time of year. I've really been considering other options, searching online for information about online classes, looking through the job classifieds. I saw 2 help wanted ads in the paper today that I was like... I could so get that job. But then I'd have to basically quit the job I have now, and who knows if the new job would pay any better? I'm not courageous enough to take that sort of a risk, I don't feel like I'm ready to 100% quit my current job. And I think if I had another job during the day, and could only work nights..... then I wouldn't really be getting any hours at all at the current job. It's a lot for me to be thinking about, but yes, universe, I've been getting your message!

UPDATE 4/27: My cell phone (samsung exclaim) has this really cool feature that lets me get my daily horoscope on my phone, guess what today's horoscope said? "You're going to have to become more adaptable, Scorpio, because there are more changes on the horizon, especially where your career is concerned." HA! Told You!!

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The Redhead Riter said...

Getting a job now is still tough with so many people out of work. Good luck.